20 Best Christmas Movies To Watch On Netflix This Holiday Season

Some say that the holiday season begins on November 1st, while others wait for December. But can we all agree that there’s no better start to the merriest time of the year than your first Christmas movie marathon? There’s just something about having a night in, cozying up under the fairy lights, and watching a holiday film that is pure joy. 

When it comes to finding all the best holiday movies in one place, Netflix has firmly cemented itself as the gift that keeps on giving. Since the year the internet collectively fell in love with The Christmas Prince, the streaming giant has continued to fill our stockings with incredible holiday movies.

This year’s lineup will not disappoint. If you somehow missed it, Lindsay Lohan is making her holiday rom-com debut in Falling for Christmas, which features not only a pun-derful name but also a handsome local inn owner (that’s two boxes on your Christmas movie bingo card right here!). You can also catch Freddie Pinze, Jr. and Justin Hartley in their own highly-anticipated yuletide films. 

But Netflix isn’t all holiday rom-coms. If you’re looking for a little less love under the mistletoe and more action or if you need a bit of distraction for the little ones while you’re off in Santa’s workshop (a.k.a. another room), there are plenty of options to stream. And no holiday movie marathon is complete without classics like White Christmas and A Christmas Carol

Ready to start populating that queue? Check out these 50 best Christmas movies on Netflix in 2022. 

1. Falling For Christmas

In case you haven’t heard, Lindsay Lohan is back, baby! In what is sure to be the second best holiday content we’ve gotten from her— because yes, the Santa Baby dance from Mean Girls will always get top honors—Lindsay stars as spoiled heiress Sierra who learns about the true meaning of Christmas when she wakes up with total amnesia after a skiing accident. (During which she fell off a mountain… see what those title writers did there?) 

With some help from the handsome local inn owner (Chord Overstreet), Sierra’s journey to figuring out who she is might just help her see what she’s been missing all along.

2. Christmas With You

The holiday season always seems like a time where even the most unlikely possibilities can come true. For example, a famous pop star (Aimee Garcia) could see a fan video from a young girl who happens to be the daughter of a very sexy and very single teacher (Freddie Prinze, Jr.). Another possibility: That pop star could decide to surprise the fan at her school, only for a blizzard to cause her to spend some quality time with their family, maybe write the song that could relaunch her career, and find love all at the same time. 

What? It could happen.

3. The Noel Diary

Jacob Turner (Justin Hartley fresh off of This Is Us) has a lot of questions about his late estranged mother, who kicked him out of the house when he was 16. When he returns to her house at Christmastime to settle her estate, he finds a journal that just might contain the answers he’s spent his life looking for.

4. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Watching a rendition of A Christmas Carol is a Yuletide must (must!). There are a number of adaptations out there, but if you’re in the mood for family-friendly and animated take on the tale, look no further than Netflix’s offering this season. Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, and Luke Evans lent their voices to the classic characters.

5. The Princess Switch

In The Princess Switch, Vanessa Hudgens plays a single American baker who enters a baking competition in Belgravia. While she’s there, she keeps getting confused with a princess who looks just like her. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?) The two switch lives for a bit and—surprise, surprise—romantic entanglements ensue.

6. The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again

How do you make a Christmas movie about two identical strangers who decide to switch places even better? Add a third identical stranger(ish), obviously. When soon-to-be Queen Margaret Delacourt (Vanessa Hudgens) needs some support from her closest friend before her coronation, it’s back to Belgravia for Princess Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens). But no one warned the doppelgänger duo about Lady Fiona (Vanessa Hudgens), who has a dastardly plot to bring down Margaret—and the holidays.

7. The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star

Vanessa Hudgens (x 3) is back at it again in the third installment of this Netflix original movie series. This time, Queen Margaret and Princess Stacey (both played by Vanessa Hudgens) must enlist the help of cousin Fiona (also played by – you guessed it – Vanessa Hudgens) when a priceless royal relic is stolen.

But will a dashing, mysterious man from her past help Fiona reform her selfish ways? And will there be the introduction of a fourth character also played by Vanessa Hudgens? Queue it up to find out.

8. Single All the Way

Going home for the holidays can be complicated as it is, but when Peter, sick of questions about his single life, convinces his best friend to pose as his boyfriend and come with him, only to have a blind date already waiting for him (set up by his mom by all people) when he gets there, you can bet things are not going to be all holly jolly.

If wanting to see how everything turns out doesn’t convince you to press play on this LGBTQ holiday film, two words: Jennifer Coolidge.

9. A Castle for Christmas

On paper, spending the holidays at a Scottish castle sounds like one of the most romantic ways to pass the season. It’s too bad that for Sophie (Brooke Shields), who travels abroad to buy a whole castle, her dream Christmas comes with a prickly owner (Carey Elwes) who forces her to stay in the coldest and dustiest room in the place.

But, in true Christmas spirit, while they may start out butting heads, the couple’s relationship might just turn into something a little bit more.

10. Love Hard

When LA girl Natalie (Nina Dobrev) falls for East Coast guy Josh on a dating app, she decides to take a chance and surprise him with a Christmas visit… only to find out he may have “borrowed” some photos of the local hot guy Tag (Darren Barnet of Never Have I Ever) for his profile.

But it doesn’t end there. Josh convinces Natalie to stick around with the promise that he’ll introduce the two of them —but only after she poses as Josh’s girlfriend during the holidays. Oh, the perils of online dating.

11. Grumpy Christmas

Don Servando (played by Héctor Bonilla) and Doña Alicia are two people who could use a little more holly jolly and a little less bah humbug. Brought together by their newly married son and daughter, they’re forced to spend the holiday season together at the beach and quickly discover they loathe each other. Neither is willing to make the best out of the situation, even if that means ruining Christmas for the whole family.

12. A Naiji Christmas

The only thing this mother wants for Christmas is to see her sons who have refused to settle down get married. Plus, she’s willing to throw in a sweet prize – her house in the fanciest neighborhood in Lagos – to whichever son says “I do ” first.

13. Christmas Wedding Planner

There’s nothing like being a wedding planner during the holidays to remind a girl how single she is. But Kelsey doesn’t have the time to dwell on such things when she has her cousin’s big Christmas wedding – and the event that will be her big break into the industry – to plan and Connor, a private investigator who is threatening to ruin the whole thing, to deal with.

14. A Boy Called Christmas

After his father goes missing, a young boy named Nikolas must travel to the North Pole to save him—and maybe realise his destiny as a certain man in a red and white suit? Based on the book of the same name by Matt Haig, the family-friendly film stars Henry Lawfull, Sally Hawkins, Kristen Wiig, and the always-a-joy-to-watch Maggie Smith.

15. A Thousand Miles From Christmas

All it takes for this auditor who has forgotten the meaning of Christmas to reignite his holiday spirit, however reluctantly, is one earnest teacher determined to put on the biggest living nativity scene ever. See how it all turns out in this Spanish rom-com.

16. Holidate

What’s a list of holiday movies without at least one “friends with judgy families who promise to just be each other’s plus one at various holiday get-togethers but end up falling in love with each other” film? While it may seem like a tired trope, the scenes with Kristen Chenoweth alone make Holidate worth a watch.

17. Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square

Time with certified national treasure Dolly Parton is the best holiday gift you could ever receive. The Grammy winner’s holiday special features 14 new songs, Jenifer Lewis, and a delightfully grinchy Christine Baranski, so go ahead and have a holly Dolly Christmas.

18. A Christmas Prince

The Netflix Christmas original that started it all, The Christmas Prince took the internet by storm in 2017. The holiday rom-com follows journalist Amber Moore as she travels to Aldovia to cover the crown prince’s ascension to the royal throne. She goes undercover to report on the story… and ends up falling for the prince in the process (obviously).

But will they get their snow-capped happily ever after? You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

19. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

After people lost their collective sh*t over A Christmas Prince, Netflix did what it does best: make a seriously corny sequel. And, just like another princess-themed franchise (cough, The Princess Diaries, cough) this time, there’s a royal wedding going down.

Expect ridiculous hijinks, cringe-worthy banter, and truly insane wedding-dress designs. File this Christmas movie under “So Bad, It’s Good.”

20. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Still want more Aldovia? Netflix heard your pleas, and oh, have they answered. In A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby, Amber (now Queen Amber to you) and King Richard are getting ready to welcome the next heir to the throne when things start to get a little dicey (as they tend to do in the country right before Christmas).

When King Tai and Queen Ming visit to renew a sacred truce, and the treaty suddenly goes missing, Amber, Richard, and Princess Emily only have until Christmas Eve to find it and save their family’s legacy.

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