3 Eye Care Steps Everyone’s Beauty Routine Should Include

We fuss with lashes and undereyes, but our eyelids also need TLC. Mascara-loving microbes thrive when you don’t remove eye makeup, says integrative optometrist Elisa Brisco. “They live in the hair follicles and oily tear glands,” she explains. “That’s why people have crusty lids as they age, or their lids look a little heavy.” The outcome: tired, red, dry and uncomfy eyes.

Here are your optimal optical solutions…

#1/ Always remove your makeup

Hold a remover-soaked cotton ball on your closed eyelid for a few secs to “melt” make-up before wiping off.

#2/ Blink (yep, it’s that easy)

This spreads tears deposited along the edge of the lid over the eyes, which moisturises, lubricates and nourishes, says Brisco. Tip: warm compresses unclog oily tear glands.

#3/ Maintain your barriers

A strong barrier is the most essential component when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. The latest slew of pre and probiotic goodies promise to protect and support healthy bacteria on your complexion.

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