4 Women in Wellness Share What they Do Before 8am To Get The Most Out of Their Morning

If you are in the market for some early AM inspo though, read on.

Hands up who wishes they were better at their morning routine – yep, thought so.

So why is it, despite our best, no-late-night-Netflix intentions, when that early alarm goes off our fingers still have a tendency to reach out and hit snooze? Imagine how much we could get done with those extra moments: Exercising/learning how to meditate/food prepping/reading – delete as appropriate.

More to the point, how is it that so many people do manage to make it work along with everything else on their to-do list? 

Before we jump in, let us stress that “busy” looks different for everyone. We all have different responsibilities and hats to wear, so if you’re morning routine doesn’t look anything like these ones, that’s OK too. Do what you need to do to make it work.

If you are in the market for some early AM inspo though, read on.

Ash Lane

Fitness trainer and Nutritionist who is an evidence-based fat-loss coach, known for her “no-diet diet”.

Morning routines are never perfect and they differ and are unique to each and every one of us. My day usually starts quite early, sometimes 4am, sometimes 5am. Generally I will begin my day with a full hour of work which can set my work day up and give me a sense of accomplishment. Following my work hour, we head off for a family sunrise walk and coffee which brings me gratitude for the day. Moving on, its back home for school drop off which includes a podcast in the car for some learning. My morning routine is perfect for me as it provides me with learning, gratitude, accomplishment and stillness. 

Calypso Haggett

Chief Executive Officer thefast800.com

Wake-up time: 6-30am. It’s still dark at this time of year so I give myself a few minutes of snoozing and then get up and go. I’m out the door and to the beach by 7am with my labradoodle (his name is Humphrey). We generally go for a big long walk along the beach and for a swim if it’s not too cold! I try to do a little bit of running/ sprinting with Humphrey to get in some high intensity interval training. Twice a week I go to pilates or the gym before work, so on those mornings I’ll get up extra early to fit that in. Then it’s coffee time! I’ve just learnt from our scientific validation team that coffee without food can spike your blood sugar, so I’ll try to now pair my first coffee with a Fast 800 protein shake (I generally don’t have a huge appetite in the morning, so I find a protein shake is perfect and keeps me feeling full. I then try to be at my desk sometime before 9am so I have a bit of time to prepare for our morning meetings, and whatever the day has in store!

Jen Dugard

Founder of MumSafe™ 

As my children get a little older, I find I have the morning routine that feels the best and really sets me up for the day and the one that requires more ‘mothering’Both versions have me rising around 5.15am. 

Version one has me up and out the door before sunrise either to run or workout.  I’ll arrive home as the kids are getting up, spend a little time with them, wave them off and take our dog for a walk and pick up a coffee.  We like to sit on the rocks at a nearby beach for a while, watch the ocean and do a short meditation.  We then wander back, and my workday starts around 9am.

On the days that this doesn’t work, and I need to be home early in the morning I do something which I call to ‘flip my morning’.  This still sees me up at 5.15am but I jump onto my computer to get some work done before the kids wake.  I’ll then do all the kid-morning-things, drive them to school before coming back to start my exercise routine and walk our dog.  On a day like this I’ll get back to my computer around 10.30ish.

I know which one I prefer but I make them both work for me!

10 Women in Wellness Share What they Do Before 8am To Get The Most Out of Their Morning

Vikki Weston

Ambassador for Red Paddle Co and founder of SheSups

Waking up in the dark is never easy, however as soon as my alarm goes off 30-40 minutes before sunrise I get myself straight onto my balcony to awaken my body naturally. I soak in the first light, feel the freshness of the air on my skin and check out the water conditions. I eat a banana and drink a couple of glasses of water to rehydrate and then it’s time to grab my stand-up paddleboard and head out. I take to the water and position myself in the best spot to be struck by the first rays of light as the sun comes over the horizon. I watch the colours evolve, the birds wake up in the trees and the surrounding suburbs come alive with people. When I return home for breakfast I feel like I carry a secret, an experience no one else experienced that morning and it stays with me for the rest of the day.

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