5 Expert Tips for Finding the Right Sports Bra

Every woman has her own interpretation of personal health and fitness, which is why Triaction sports bras are designed to enable women to move freely, no matter the activity.

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Hands up who enjoys bra shopping? Hmm, thought so. It’s about on par with jeans or swimsuit shopping but doesn’t have to be! Luckily Triumph’s extensive collection of Triaction sports bras celebrates the individual and understands that every woman’s experience and needs are different. Hurrah!

When shopping for sports bra solutions, there is a lot to consider – from maximum comfort to elevated bounce control, athleisure styles and purse-friendly pricing. Triumph Lingerie’s Bra Fitting Specialist, Kate Minin, shares her five top tips, so you can find your perfect fit with a minimum of fuss, and feel good no matter the type of workout.

“We all love a beautiful-looking bra, but if it’s not offering the right support, it’s not helping you at all!” explains Kate. “The perfect bra is one you feel most comfortable and confident in – it’s a bra that feels like you’re not wearing one at all.

1. My most important tip is to get fitted professionally – and regularly. One fitting three years ago doesn’t mean you necessarily know the size you are now. We recommend getting professionally fitted for a bra once -to-twice a year. This may sound like a lot, but your body is constantly changing, and without a correctly-fitted bra, you compromise not only your comfort but the way your outfits look, too.

2. Next up, style. From wirefree to minimiser, crop tops to optimum bounce control, sports bras have some a long way, so it’s time to work out what suits you and your breasts. Rather than squeezing yourself into the wrong shape, take the time to find out which style and shape work best for your body and its movements.

3. Check the band – this might come as a bit of a surprise! It’s a common misconception that the straps hold up a bra. A bra should fit snugly enough around the body so that the straps can be dropped off the shoulder and the bra stays put. The straps just offer the function to give finer adjustment, specifically for your body length and silhouette.

4. Choose a sports bra – or two that meet your personal exercise needs. If cardio is your go-to, opt for styles that have been properly bounce-tested. Moisture-wicking fabrics also help to wick away sweat. For yoga and Pilates, a crop or similar may be enough support.

5. Look after them properly! Make sure you take appropriate care when it comes to your new bras. Use washbags, store them correctly, wash them often and wear them on rotation.”

The right fitting bra can make all the difference to how you look and feel. Book a virtual fitting session with one of Triumph’s expert bra fitters or simply use their online fitting guide to discover your perfect fit now.

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