5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Old Bras

Ready to take an *intimate* look at your lingerie drawer?

Got a lingerie drawer filled with old favourite bras you can’t bear to part with? We’d be lying if we said we didn’t… but now that the new year is here (happy 2023, everyone!), it’s time we all took a pledge to declutter our lives.

To help get us all on the right path when it comes to those overflowing underwear drawers, we caught up with Triumph Lingerie’s Bra Fitting Specialist, Kate Minin. Below, Kate shares how to know when it’s time for your old bras to go plus her top tips for caring for your bras (so they’ll last as long as possible).

Ready to take an intimate look at your lingerie drawer? Let’s get into it!

How long do bras last?

We feel like we should know this already but some of the decades-old bras languishing in our cupboards say otherwise… Bras are not designed to last for years. “What many women don’t realise is the typical shelf life of a bra is actually six to nine months. While it’s not imperative to do a major clean-out every 6 months, they do actually have an expiry date,” says Kate.

“Research suggests that nearly half (48%) of women admit they’ve been wearing the same bra for over three years, and that one in five women (21%) revealed they have not purchased a new bra for over five years,” Kate continues. Eek!

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How do you know when it’s time to throw out your old bras?

Ready for the big cleanout? Here’s your checklist. If you’re ticking off two or more of the below dot points, Kate suggests throwing those bras out or donating them.

  • Bra band elastic is bunching at the back
  • Bra straps are too loose and constantly sliding down
  • Bra cups starting to gape or you are spilling over
  • You’re on the tightest hook and it is feeling too loose
  • Bra wires have gone all wonky or are poking out

Now, if you’ve ever wondered whether you can recycle your old bras, you’ll want to watch this space. “We are in the process of setting up recycling programs in our retail stores for both our products and our product hangers. With success, we hope to work with our key partners on rolling this out nationally,” says Kate.

How to prolong the life of your lingerie

Once you’ve invested in quality lingerie, you’ll want to look after it well so that it lasts. “Washing bras incorrectly can damage and significantly reduce the lifespan of a bra. By choosing to wash your bras gently and regularly, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite bras for longer,” says Kate.

Here are Kate’s top tips to make your bras last:

Don’t wash your bras too often

Washing bras after two-four wears is best for bra care, allowing a day of rest between wearings if you can.

Read labels

Some bras are more delicate than others. If in doubt, read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash that particular bra.

Always use bra wash bags

“The bags help stop bras from stretching and the hooks from snagging on other clothes in the machine. Just make sure you never overfill your bra wash bags and always close the hooks first.

Wash your bras separately

However, even inside their protective mesh wash bags, you should avoid machine-washing bras with particularly heavy items like jeans, jumpers and towels. These garments can damage the underwire or elastic in your bras.

Dry and store your bras carefully

Air dry your bras whenever you can. Hang your bras by the centrepiece between the cups to help them keep their shape. Make sure you store them properly, by laying them flat or hanging on individual hangers.

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How to know whether your bra fits you properly

Before you rush out to shop up a storm, here’s some advice from Kate for finding your best fit:

“Your perfect bra should fit comfortably against your body, and you shouldn’t be aware of anything digging into your skin.”

If your bra cup feels uncomfortable, or the underwire is causing irritation and/or pain, then it’s likely your bra cup is too small. If the wire presses into your armpit, then it’s likely your bra cup is too big. That’s why I always tell people to remember the three F’s: fit, fabric and function – when choosing your next bra,” concludes Kate.

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