5 Spicy Date Ideas That’ll Satisfy Your Vices This Valentine’s Day

You and your partner have decided to spend some quality alone time with each other this Valentine’s Day and have a date night. But then your evening ends up looking a lot like the past few nights you’ve spent together, just watching something on TV, scrolling through your phones, and have sex the same way…again. Sound familiar?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day expectations, they tend to include flowers, chocolate, and dinner for two. But this year, you can surprise your boo by suggesting one of these spicy Valentine’s Day date ideas instead. You’ve probably gone the traditional route sooo many times that you’ve run out of ideas anyway. Whether you’ve got a whole sex bucket list or more interested in taking a romantic bath with your S.O., you’re covered.

Plus, having a spicy Valentine’s Day date can help you change things up just a bit and create excitement and passion in your relationship – it’s the perfect opportunity to explore new and exciting ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

“Frequently being intimate with your partner allows for bonding and connection,” says Debra Laino, DHS, a board-certified relationship therapist and sex educator. “This is really important in relationships. It allows each person to feel desired and cared for.”

And remember, sometimes (read: most of the time) an orgasm is the simplest and best kind of gift. No need to hire someone to skywrite “ALWAYS AND FOREVER” – orgasms are great for mental and physical health, especially if you dedicate the time to exploring different options and listening to your, and your partners, body to find what feels good.

So before you write off V-Day entirely, take a look at these spicy Valentine’s Day date ideas that will wow your S.O. this year.

1. Give the gift of a sex toy

Sex toys are designed to be fun—they’re toys, after all. So why not invest in something new to satisfy both you and you partner?

One of the world’s most popular sex toy producers – and leaders in the category, Swedish intimate lifestyle brand LELO, offer a wide variety of toys suitable for everyone. After all, different strokes for different folks.

My pick from the bunch for a next-level Valentine’s day surprise? The LELO Sona 2 Cruise.

The Sona 2 Cruise is an enhanced sonic clitoral sucker that delivers powerful yet reserved sonic waves to stimulate the entire clitoris – even the parts you don’t see. What this means is that the toy uses waves of gentle resonant pleasure that build up and culminate in a deeply satisfying orgasm. It feels solid and comfy in the hand, the buttons are easily reachable, and it can produce surprisingly powerful suction.

With this toy, the intensity of the suction air pulses can ramp up and down depending on how hard it’s pressing against your body, so get your partner involved and explore multiple orgasms together.

2. Have a boudoir photo shoot.

Yes, a regular photoshoot is fun, but why not take the sexier route with a boudoir shoot? “[It’s] a great way for both you and your partner to get vulnerable with each other,” says Betsy Chung, PhD, a clinical psychologist and relationship expert.

You can have your partner choose your lingerie, or surprise them and grab your preferred camera (hello, sexy polaroids!). Bonus: By the end, you’ll have enough photos for a private album.

3. Make a “rule” day.

Pack your day with a list of sexy challenges. You can try something simple, like owing the other a kiss each time one partner refers to the other person by a pet name. You could also work towards a fun, end-of-night goal: Pick a taboo word, and every time someone says it, they get a point. Whoever ends the day with the fewest points gets to choose a sexy fantasy to act out.

4. Try something new.

Grab a pen and two pieces of paper, and jot down everything you want to do with your partner. When you’re done, trade your sheets of paper, and see which ones you’re ready to check off, whether it’s giving sexy massages or dabbling in kink with a blindfold. Experimenting with a new position or creating nude art with your S.O. can turn up the romance and spice.

5. Break out the sexy board games.

Sure, tucking in to play a few board games with your partner is fun on its own—but why not make it a little more X-rated? Strip Trivial Pursuit, Sex Roulette, Naked Twister—the possibilities are endless.

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, reconnect with yourself or your significant other and seize great discounts LELO offers for their 20th birthday here.

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