5 Things I Learned After Wearing Period Underwear For a Week

Period underwear, much like reusable sanitary pads and menstrual cups, has soared in popularity of late. One writer puts it to the test…

From its eco creds to the fact that it can be more convenient than traditional pads and tampons (hello, middle-of-the-night emergency run to the bathroom), period underwear’s star is on the rise. To put the hype to the test, I ring-fenced my next period as one to experiment: no pads or tampons, just several pairs of period undies and (thankfully) a week of WFH ahead.

From Modibodi’s briefs to Bonds’ classic cuts, the range of styles from a number of brands is vast. Gone are the days when period underwear was solely functional looking. Able to hold anywhere from one to five tampons’ worth of blood, these garments are formulated to be absorbent without growing wet, to neutralise odours, prevent leaks and wick away moisture.

Does It Pass the Absorbent Test? 

A resounding yes. Once I chose the correct pair for where I was in my cycle, the underwear was leak-proof, didn’t grow overly wet or feel uncomfortable. In fact, when I first felt the dull ache of PMS set in, I donned a pair of light-absorbency period undies for extra insurance against any sudden surprises. It gave me extra reassurance that, whatever happened, I wouldn’t need to make any emergency bathroom trips. 

What I found interesting was how much blood I wasn’t losing. I have very heavy (but short) periods, and constantly needing to change tampons made me think I was losing more blood than I actually was. I needed enough support for where I was in my flow, but not reams of undies. Once, I misjudged how heavy my nightly bleed would be and woke up feeling wet with blood on my thighs and PJ bottoms. But this was my first time on the period underwear merry-go-round and having this frame of reference for what was needed when was very useful.

Going with the Flow

Unlike tampons or pads, where you dispose of them fairly quickly, period underwear requires some wringing out before it goes in the washing machine. Fine when at home, but if I had to share a sink or was in a public place, I probably wouldn’t be so chill about it.

Having the extra protection of knowing my underwear would absorb the blood really did make me feel freer day to day. Before my period had started, it gave me extra confidence to go out for long lunchtime walks without worrying about the looming onset of mother nature. And on those final days when my period was basically over, I tried a period-proof thong and stopped worrying about last-minute leaks. 

Period undies won’t be for all, but I would highly suggest trying them. I never thought I’d be such a convert, but it might be the only way for me from now on.

Top Picks

The undies

Femmze’s cotton leak-proof style is available in two absorbency levels. From $64.95, femmze.com

The workout gear

Part of Modibodi’s collab with Puma, these period leggings are made from recycled fabric. $110, modibodi.com

The swimmers

Hit the waves or pool in comfort with these leak-proof, high-waist bikini bottoms. $59, scarletperiod.com

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