6 Ways to Master Me-Time – Even When You’re Too Busy

Because me-time isn’t totally out of your reach.

Like the perfect deadlift or a heels-down downward dog, creating a routine that includes regular me-time time might seem like a bit of a pipe dream – but it doesn’t have to be.

Studies have shown that incorporating dedicated time just for you every day, may actually help you get more done – it could make you more productive and creative, not to mention the positive impact it may have on your wellbeing and happiness. Sign us up for all of that, please. 

Whether you’re after a moment of calm to relieve stress and anxiety, or a break to reenergise and get your groove back, these tips will help you make me-time a lasting habit.

1/ Take the pressure off

Don’t be fooled into thinking that time not spent being productive or ‘achieving’ something is wasted – you don’t need to use your me-time for ploughing through that non-fiction you’re just not enjoying. 

Use your time in any way that suits you. Try different activities to find something you really enjoy, and see what sticks. The simple fact that you’re taking time out of your busy day to focus on you is already an achievement.

2/ Commit to baby steps

Can only take out five or 10 minutes? Take what you can. Whether it’s a brief meditation or a quick break to enjoy a refreshing cup of tea – every little helps. 

If you can dedicate a few minutes to yourself a handful of times over the course of the day, great. If you can work your way up to longer stints of time-out (maybe with the tips on this list?), even better.

3/ Get those Zzz

As well as being crucial for your physical health (think a decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes and a stronger immune system), a good night’s rest can also improve concentration, productivity and performance. That means you’ll get through work and your daily tasks faster, which in turn means more time spare for you. Win-win.

To get the quality and quantity of sleep you need, work backwards from whatever time you need to be up, and create a regular bedtime routine that kicks in before you need to hit the hay.

Work some quiet me-time into that routine with a calming cup of Tetley Herbals Pure Camomile, and your mind and body will be in sleep mode before you know it.

4/ Do what you love

Your time is precious so spend it doing something that will keep you coming back for more. It might be a quick workout (the physical and mental health benefits abound), meditation (hello, reduced stress and anxiety), or it could simply be a good book and a warming brew.

If that’s your cup of tea, we recommend cosying up with your favourite author and Tetley Herbals Rose, Rosehip and Hibiscus – an aromatic blend of rose-scented fruitiness to keep the rest of the world at bay, if just for a little while.

5/ Switch it off

Whether it’s quick 10 minutes between meetings or a half hour of zen before bed, make sure your phone doesn’t come with you. Resist the temptation to answer just one more email, or have a good old scroll on the ‘Gram.

Switch on do not disturb mode, or leave your phone in another room – making sure it’s on silent. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Those notifications will be there when you’re done with me-time.

A great option is to use a wristwatch so you’re not tempted to pick up your phone for something as simple as the time.


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6/ Make it official

No matter how good your intentions, it’s easy to put down-time off to later (read: never). If this sounds like you, block out some time in your calendar. Whether it’s written down in your diary or in your calendar app, seeing it in black and white could be a step towards making it a non-negotiable and better yet – a habit.

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