A Guide To What Herbal Tea To Drink, When

A nutritionist breaks down which blends are best for each time of the day – from rooibos to fennel and more.

When the stars align, and you manage to pick the perfect cup of herbal tea, in the right mug, at the right time of day, it’s an indescribable feeling like no other. Nowadays, this feeling can seem to slip away more often than not. With so many variations of teas, it can sometimes become overwhelming to know what to drink, when to drink it, and how your body will benefit from drinking it.

That’s why we’ve called in Nutritionist and Ambassador for Planet Organic, Monique Cormack to clear this up for us to ensure endless satisfaction and moments of bliss. 

Follow the below guide by Monique to reap the benefits of organic herbal tea, all day long: 

7am: Good morning, green tea

Did you know that Green tea is made from the leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, the same as your common black tea? This means green tea is actually a source of caffeine (20-25mg per cup), however, it also contains another compound called l-theanine which makes it literally a smarter alternative to your early morning coffee. When paired with caffeine, research has demonstrated that l-theanine can improve mental focus. It’s the ideal option for boosting productivity and kickstarting your day.

The benefits of green herbal tea don’t stop there. Green tea, such as Planet Organic’s Green Tea, contains antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins. Monique explains that “these nutrients help to support skin health, brain function, maintain blood glucose levels and reduce inflammation.” 

10am: Conquer the mid-morning slump with spearmint

We all tend to experience a bit of mid-morning slump once the caffeine from our first cuppa has worn off. Bet you never thought to reach for a cup of spearmint tea? Due to it’s ability to assist with digestion and improve memory, spearmint tea actually makes for the perfect mid-morning beverage. Monique explains that (-)-Carvone, a compound found in spearmint tea, reduces spasms in the intestines which can ease feelings of digestive discomfort. The high amount of polyphenols, including rosmarinic acid, has been shown in some preliminary research to increase memory

Ladies, this minty tea is great if you’re needing a little bit of hormonal support too, with research suggesting spearmint herbal tea may help to promote a healthy menstrual cycle.

1pm: Forget the post lunch bloat, fennel is here to fight it

Reaching for tea containing fennel leaves such as Planet Organic’s Detox tea, is perfect for those who tend to suffer post lunch bloat. Monique says that “the anti-inflammatory properties of fennel tea can help reduce abdominal distension, trapped gas, cramping and other painful stomach concerns.” This means you can get through the afternoon feeling less sluggish, and more at ease from within. 

On the other hand, Fennel tea is known to make some people feel a bit drowsy due to its calming properties. If you happen to be one of these people, and feel a little fatigued after lunch, Monique recommends including ginger and peppermint. They are uplifting and make for fantastic digestive tonics.

4pm: Level up your afternoon herbal tea with Rooibos

That mid afternoon coffee is always so tempting but we soon regret it when we find ourselves lying there, staring at the roof, counting down the hours until we have to wake up again. Not fun, right? Well, rooibos tea is your new afternoon hero. Enjoy your hot afternoon cuppa without messing with your ability to doze off later on. Packed with antioxidants, Monique tells us that “rooibos tea has many benefits such as reducing the risk of illnesses including cardiovascular disease and cancer, along with improving blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes.” We never said you had to forget the biscuit, though…

Rooibos is probably the best herbal alternative to a black tea, and for this reason it makes a truly excellent chai. Prepare it with milk and a dash of honey, and you’ve got yourself a delicious rooibos chai that will see you rising above the afternoon slump yet sleeping through the night.

8pm: Wind down with Chamomile

Chamomile tea is the world reknowned calming brew perfect to sip on before bed, but have you ever wondered why? Monique says its because Chamomile tea contains ​​apigenin, which is a type of an antioxidant that binds to specific receptors in the brain to promote sleepiness and reduce insomnia. We’re also told that Chamomile is a powerful player in the tea game. It also reduces inflammation, lessens symptoms of the common cold, alleviates digestive symptoms such as gas or upset tummy and reduces anxiety. 

It’s time to shake things up and think about how a range of different herbal tea could benefit your health and get you through the day. 

Source @womenshealth.com.au: Read more at : womenalive.org

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