Ashley Graham On Why Motherhood Feels Like “Running A Motherhood Everyday” 

“Then I’ll make my two-year-old’s oatmeal. He’s obsessed. He even eats it dry – he calls it ‘little oatmeal’, and then cooked oatmeal is ‘big oatmeal.’ So I make sure to have a bowl of cooked and another of dry, because I don’t know what mood he’s going to wake up in. Then, if the twins are still asleep, I try to do a little stretch to get my body warmed up for the day, because managing three kids and working is basically like running a marathon every day.”

As Graham adds, “By seven o’clock, I’m on my second cup of coffee.”

It’s not the first time Graham has expressed struggles that are all too common in motherhood. She’s previously hit back at body shakers and the unrealistic expectations placed on women to bounce back and return to their pre-baby bodies. She expressed that her confidence took a hit during her second pregnancy with the twins and such pressures made her feel worse. 

“I work in an industry that expects me to return to work in a body that has ‘snapped back’ – a pressure that no woman, in any industry, deserves to feel. I have always fought against unfair and unrealistic standards, and yet, if I am being completely honest, here I was, expecting myself to snap back. And fast,” she said. 

She added, “I look at the stretch marks that still exist and will forever exit on my stomach, and I think, ‘God, why did you have to go up above my belly button? I’m a lingerie model, for God’s sake. This is not what lingerie models look like. But then I remind myself, ‘Well, I’ve never been the norm of what a typical lingerie model looks like.”

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