Britney Spears Admits Performing Under Conservatorship Left Her Traumatised 

While fans have long been hoping to see a comeback from the star in the form of live performances, Britney Spears has said she’ll likely never perform again after the trauma of her conservatorship.

While fame poses challenges for every star, for Britney Spears hers was a celebrity status unlike any other. After delivering some of the biggest hits that became an anthem for a generation all too hopeful for a future in which live performances from their idol would be frequent, Spears instead found herself navigating sexism in the media and music industry, only to see herself all too often misrepresented as a conservatorship came to govern her waking hours. 

It’s something her fans have long fought to bring to attention. Despite her success with hits like Baby One More Time and Toxic, it was Spears’ personal life that regularly made headlines, namely as a result of her high-profile romances. When she began displaying what was then deemed erratic behaviour, Spears’ father – Jamie Spears – and his legal advisers placed her under a conservatorship that ultimately prevented Spears from doing anything herself from 2008 to 2021. 

As Spears revealed, the arrangement limited her to drawing a weekly allowance of $2,000 during her Las Vegas residency, despite the fact that such performances saw her earn more than $160 million. She also revealed that under the conservatorship, she was forced to take birth control and prevented from getting married. It was only in November of 2021, after the hashtag #FreeBritney became a viral sensation and news of Spears’ situation gathered global recognition, that a judge terminated the conservatorship. 

But for fans who have long been waiting to see Spears perform live, the singer has since revealed that her experiences under the conservatorship left her feeling “pretty traumatised.” In a recent Instagram post, the singer revealed that she would likely “never perform again.” As Spears expressed, most devastating to her was the fact she had no creative control over her music videos. She was also uncomfortable with the number of dancers alongside her during her four-year Las Vegas residency, and criticised photos former conservators took during performances. 

“I’d rather…shoot photos of myself in studios over working with the most offensive people in my life,” explained Spears. “I’m pretty traumatised for life and yes I’m pissed as fuck and no I probably won’t perform again just because I’m stubborn and I will make my point.”

While Spears might not take to the stage again, the end of her conservatorship has brought the singer peace and offered something of a resurgence in her own creativity. She recently married long-term boyfriend, actor Sam Asghari, and released a duet with Elton John, Hold Me Closer. The song has been well-received worldwide, going straight to the top of the charts in more than 40 countries. By all appearances, it seems Spears is once again enjoying what she does best. 

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