Can A Supplement Help You Achieve Glowing Skin All While Promoting Restful Sleep?

Women’s Health: What was the inspiration behind INTU WELLNESS?

Anna Robards: It was out on a walk and I had recently had Elle, and Christie had her daughter Ava who was one at the time with her.  We were talking about how juggling career and motherhood can leave you feeling tired, and your skin looking a bit dull. We were also talking about our love of magnesium and how much it has helped us sleep during pregnancy and post baby, as well as our love of collagen and other beauty supplements. 

Christie Whitehill: This was a bit of a lightbulb moment because we were both taking multiple supplements which was quite inconvenient and costly. This is when we started talking about the idea of developing an all in one product using high quality ingredients that targeted both skin and sleep.

The timing of starting a business together worked really well for us too as I had recently stepped away from running the day-to-day of my other business, Tech Ready Women and Anna had also decided she was not going to pursue law anymore. We both had some creative space available for a new challenge, and one we really believe in. 

What’s the connection between sleep and skin?

Christie: Sleep really is the foundation of achieving good health. When you get good quality sleep, you give your body, mind and skin a chance to rejuvenate. You wake looking less puffy, your skin will often have a better glow and you will just feel more energised. We felt as mums that getting as much deep and restful sleep as you possibly can paired with some great ingredients that promote hydration and regeneration for the skin would be a good  idea. It means that women can take one product and it will do everything so it will save them time as well as money. 

We love this idea of “intuitive beauty”. How has that approach shaped the philosophy behind INTU WELLNESS? 

Anna: So many women, and men too of course, are trying to do it all. Burn out is a big issue for so many people. We believe in the need to slow down, get in touch with yourself and use your intuition to see what your body needs.

A good nighttime routine may be that one moment each day that you have to slow everything down. From having a warm shower, putting on a face mark, mixing your INTU Sleep & Skin Renewal powder and sipping on that before bed, but by taking a moment to slow down you have a moment to do a scan and see how you are really feeling. What does your body need, what do you need? The better you take care of yourself, the better you will feel and the less likely you will suffer from stress and even burn out. 

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