Can Blow Drying Your Bits After Sex *Really* Prevent Thrush Symptoms?

Here’s what a doctor has to say.

Ever heard that blow-drying your bits after sex might help prevent thrush? We know it sounds insane but unlike the likes of detoxifying jade eggs and wasp nest tightening treatments (thanks Goop), this trend actually has experts nodding their heads in agreeance. Turns out, in theory, it *might* help prevent thrush symptoms. 

“The logic does hold some truth, but only for the external vulva area,” Dr Raquel Dardik, a gynaecologist at New York University tells Health.

“Yeast thrive in areas that are moist, so decreasing the moisture in your vagina after sex could in theory help reduce the level of yeast there, preventing an infection.”

There is one major caveat, however: insertion is not required.

“You can’t blow-dry the vagina internally unless you place the blow dryer inside of you, which I would very much discourage women from doing,” Raquel says. But as far as a little Dyson action on the outside is concerned? You’re unlikely to do any damage unless it’s on “too hot of a setting.” 

“However, there is also no data showing that it actually helps [prevent a yeast infection,]” Raquel adds.

Yeahhhhh, look… maybe just stick to a towel.

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