Chrissy Teigen Reveals Pregnancy In Emotional Post

Following the loss of her son two years ago, Teigen revealed to her followers that she has “nerves” going into her pregnancy journey.

After documenting her struggles with IVF and the emotional journey that has surrounded her pregnancy, Chrissy Teigen has now revealed to her followers that she is indeed pregnant with her third child. The 36-year-old penned an emotional post on her social media, referencing her emotional fertility journey that has also seen her and husband, John Legend, grieve the devastating loss of son, Jack. 

“The last few years have been a blur of emotions to say the least, but joy has filled our home and hearts again,” wrote Teigen. “1 billion shots later (in the leg lately, as u can see!) we have another on the way. Every appointment I’ve said to myself, ‘ok if it’s healthy today I’ll announce’ but then I breathe a sigh of relief to hear a heartbeat and decide I’m just too nervous still.”

In October of 2020, Teigen shared news of her devastating pregnancy loss with a single image that captured her pain. There, a defeated and distraught Teigen sat on the hospital bed in her gown, sharing the trauma of pregnancy loss that the world felt collectively. But rather than keep her pain private, Teigen shared it with the world in the hopes of encouraging more people to have those conversations and break the stigma surrounding pregnancy loss. 

Teigen explained that she was hospitalised for excessive bleeding due to a partial placental abruption, which is when the placenta separates from the inner lining of the uterus. She had to undergo induced labour once it became clear that, despite the doctor’s best efforts, Jack would not survive the pregnancy and her own life could be in danger, too. To mark a year since the passing of Jack, Teigen wrote in a post: “A year ago you gave me the greatest pain I could ever imagine to show me I could survive anything, even if I didn’t want to. I didn’t get to take care of you, but you came and went to get me to love myself and take care of myself because our bodies are precious and life is a miracle.”

Since revealing her latest pregnancy, Teigen shared that she doesn’t suspect she will “ever walk out of an appointment with more excitement than nerves but so far, everything is perfect and beautiful and I’m feeling hopeful and amazing.”

Teigen’s news is particularly inspiring given the difficult IVF journey she has documented. As well as being open about their fertility journey, the couple have also shared how they continue to honour Jack in their daily lives, with Teigen being vocal about struggles with postpartum depression and how it led to her “drinking too much.” She’s since celebrated one year of sobriety. Now, it appears daughter, Luna Simone Stephens, six, and son, Miles Theodore Stephens, four, are set to welcome a new sibling. And we can only extend a heartfelt congratulations to Teigen and the blossoming family. 

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