Elliot Page Opens Up About Double Standards In Film Industry Prior To Gender Transition 

In a new personal essay for Esquire, Page has opened up about just how difficult this time was and how the movie studio went so far as to control his clothing during the press tour. “I think of times when people actively were like, ‘No, you need to wear a dress,’ in very, very, very pivotal moments. I remember the premiere of Juno at the Toronto International Film Festival. Previously…I dressed how I wanted to dress – not dissimilar to now…I said I wanted to wear a suit, and Fox Searchlight was basically like, ‘No, you need to wear a dress.’ And they took me in a big rush to one of those fancy stores on Floor Street. They had me wear a dress, and…that was that. And then all the Juno press, all the photo shoots – Michael Cera was in slacks and sneakers. I look back at the photos, and I’m like…?” 

Noting not only the difficulty of promoting a film about a teenage girl as a closeted trans man at the time, Page also describes the double standards of the film industry that are evident in how Cera was allowed to dress for such tours. “It doesn’t matter if I’m trans or cis. Lots of cis women dress how I dress. That has nothing to fucking do with it,” wrote Page, noting the importance of simply feeling comfortable in your clothes. 

Page also detailed the pressure that comes with starring in a hit movie, “This sounds strange to people, and I get that people don’t understand. Oh, fuck you, you’re famous, and you have money, and you had to wear a dress, boo-hoo. I don’t not understand that reaction. But that’s mixed with: I wish people would understand that that shit literally did almost kill me.”

Source @womenshealth.com.au: Read more at : womenalive.org

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