Gwen Stefani On The Beauty Philosophy She Swears By

Many might be surprised to learn that Stefani actually has a background in the beauty industry, having worked at the makeup counter of her local department store in Anaheim, California in the late ‘80s where she learned to hone her makeup skills on customers, helping them to choose products that enhanced their natural beauty. 

“I was a fake makeup artist in the sense that they never trained me and I didn’t ever report to anybody,” said Stefani. “I found magic in the makeup. It’s not even about how people look, it’s how they feel. Once that makeup goes on, the confidence that comes with it is what stayed with me.”

It’s something that has shaped Stefani into the person she is today. “I’ve always tried to just live my purpose, but even more now that I’m more mature and more aware of my faith and gone through so many things that forced me to say, Okay, I don’t care about anything else. I just want to do what my purpose is.”

Stefani is a self-confessed makeup aficionado, admitting that it’s something she could talk about constantly. And she certainly has the skills too, being able to perfect a red lip in less than a minute. When it comes to a beauty rule she swears by, it’s that overdrawing the lips works. “It’s real. I did it one time when I first learned it, and my kids were calling me out, like, ‘What did you do to your lips?’ They’re teenagers, so they know what’s going on. I was like, ‘No, I swear. Let me take it off and I’ll show you. This is overdrawn right here. And when you overdraw the top lip like that, you just get this really pouty [look].’ You see people hacking it all the time and it works.”

Stefani also adds that the beauty trick she recently discovered is doing her eyebrows before foundation. “It’s a really great way to start because your eyebrows frame your face. So depending on if you want to highlight them or not, that’s something that has helped me a lot.”

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