Hot Buns On The Go? Don’t Mind If We Do!

We don’t want none unless you got (hot) buns, hon.

Never let it be said that we’re not about balance. While we totally hanker for a good workout and froth a fabulously nutritious meal, we also love getting our hands on big, juicy buns – of the hot cross variety. So it stands to reason that any hot cross bun-related news is big in our books.

Whether you celebrate the holiday’s religious roots or not, hot cross buns are an Easter staple and the key word here is ‘hot’ (because ‘cold cross buns’ doesn’t have the same ring to it, and just pain ol’ ‘cross buns’? We’re not about that energy.)

But I digress.

Top-down view of a pile of hot cross buns on a wooden serving board. A small bowl of butter sits to the left of the buns, and a cup of milk to the right.

To guarantee your buns stay toasty this season, ALDI has crafted something that’s, well… quite incredible, folks. It’s the Bun Bag and its only reason for being is to keep your buttered buns warm wherever you go.

In case you’re wondering, yes – ALDI does know a thing or two about a mouthwatering bun, having been voted the best buns across the supermarkets in Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customer awards. And you should also know that indulging a little – especially at Easter time – is A-okay. We’re only human, right?

As fitness guru Laura Henshaw once shared, “A little bit of sugar, fried food or whatever it is you want to eat will not make you unhealthy… We are all human. If you focus on eating healthy most of the time that is all that matters.”

So back to the buns… If you’re a bun-slinger from way back, you’ll be chuffed to know that this little baby does everything you could ever want from a hot cross bun holder, with two insulated compartments to keep your warm buns snug, and a (quite-frankly runway-worthy) fresh print so you can share your love of buns with the world while you’re on the go.

Cropped image of a woman wearing a black fitted tee-shirt tucked into olive-green corduroy pants. She has an ANDLI Bun Bag slung across her chest, which is printed with a light blue, dark blue, red, orange and yellow stripe pattern, overlaid with photos of hot cross buns.

There are some very valid concerns, though. Like, just how long can you leave those buns locked up in their gilded prison before they start to get sweaty? And while we have nothing against a juicy booty, these are definitely not the kind of sweaty buns we’re all about. ALDI, we want answers!

We can only presume, of course, that Aldi’s bun aficionados have taken this into consideration during the engineering process of their ingenious Bun Bag, because anyone who loves a hot cross bun knows that damp bread ain’t it. Unless it’s soaked-through-with-butter damp… which, okay, sounds wildly unhealthy, but then again, balance, so go off, dairy queens!

Hands off my buns!

So, how can you snag a Bun Bag? The sad news is, these babies are not for sale – you have to go into the draw to win one of only 20 of these spicy items by heading to ALDI’s Facebook page and letting them know why you’re the biggest bun lover there ever was. And if you don’t score the ultimate prize? Well you can commiserate with a bag of delicious comfort buns (which, let’s be honest, is still a win).

Now remember, we’ve already spoken about balance, and that really is the key to nailing Easter minus the overindulgence. If you’re after something with the energy of a hot cross bun but more nutrition, try these Healthy Hot Cross Bun Bliss Balls. (You could probably cram close to 100 of these babies in your Bun Bag, hey?)

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