If It Wasn’t For Her Mum, CrossFit Legend Kara Saunders Wouldn’t Have Stepped Into A Gym

That’s why the 10 x CrossFit Games Aussie athlete is setting the example for her three-year-old daughter, too

Aussie athlete Kara Saunders is currently in the US competing in her 10th ever CrossFit Games. It’s an impressive feat, considering the 32-year-old didn’t have much of a fitness routine before getting into the sport. Instead, her pre-CrossFit life looked like this: “going out to clubs and bars … eating crappy food, drinking a little too much alcohol – just the standard things.”

“Obviously that started to catch up with me over time and I felt kind of gross within myself. My self-esteem was low and I felt like that lifestyle was taking away any direction,” Kara tells us on the newest episode of our podcast Uninterrupted by Women’s Health Australia.

It wasn’t until she opened up to her mum that she was given the advice that would change the direction of her life.

“I was like, I don’t really know what I want. I’m just kind of tired all the time and don’t feel amazing. I raised it with my mum.

Kara Saunders CrossFit Training. Photo by Heather Smith
Kara Saunders in the gym. Photo: Heather Smith/@hsmithphoto.

“My mum had been through so many different things, like illnesses and emotional and mental things over the years. She’d been on medication that had made her put on weight – just lots of hurdles – and she’d always found her way back to the gym. It would always be the thing that got her through.

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“She said, ‘Come to the gym with me. I think that that’ll be a perfect place to start. You can start doing something positive. You can start moving your body.’ She told me to take money out of my weekly wage and pay for a personal trainer. She said, ‘Be accountable to someone, make sure that you have someone that you have to turn up for, so that you’re more likely to go and be committed and do it properly.”

Kara took her mum’s advice and joined a gym the next day. Within a week, she started feeling “like a new person”. It wasn’t long after this, Kara found herself in a CrossFit Box and worked her way up to becoming one of the fittest humans on the planet.

“My mum had been through so many different things … just lots of hurdles and she’d always found her way back to the gym. It would always be the thing that got her through.”

Now, as mum to three-year-old daughter Scotti, Kara’s aware of how her own actions can impact the next generation.

“That’s how I’ve tried to raise my daughter, so that she always sees that physical movement, like exercise, is a really normal part of [life]. That’s just what you do. It’s part of your day, the same as making breakfast or brushing your teeth,” Kara says.

Kara Saunders CrossFit Training with daughter Scotti. Photo by Heather Smith
Kara Saunders training with daughter Scotti. Photo: Heather Smith/@hsmithphoto

Kara says it’s quite the juggle training full-time for CrossFit comps, running a business and also making sure Scotti has present parents. She does this by organising her day in intervals.

“I get up early and train one session [at home] almost all the way through before Scotti wakes up. Then [once she’s awake], I’m juggling breakfast, and while I finish off the second session, she’s got a little lounge in the gym. She comes in and sits, and eats her breakfast while I finish that off. She loves it!

“Then by the time she’s finished, we’ll go do something for her, whether that’s her swimming lessons or soccer or gymnastics or we go to the beach or playground. Then we rest and do that [again] in the afternoon. So it’s like intervals. Our life is intervals all throughout the day: something for me, something for her. We rest, we eat, we work, we do it all over again until the end of the day. So the days go fast, but it’s all good stuff.”

To watch Kara compete in this year’s CrossFit Games find the livestreams here.

Main photo by Heather Smith.

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