‘I’ve Run Over 400 Marathons: Here Are My 10 Best Tips On Running One’

If you listen to one person – let it be OG Jane Trumper.

First and foremost: Congrats! We presume you’re reading this because you have your signs set on running a marathon!

The mere fact that you’re even contemplating running 42km is amazing. That being said, marathons are no joke, and if you’re going to do one, it’s best (smartest, safest, healthiest) to plan for it the right way. To help you get a better grasp of what the process will truly entail, we asked Jane Trumper, a nurse, mum of three, grandma of four – and the only Australian to run over 400 marathons, for some advice.

Completing her first marathon on her 40th birthday, the 61-year-old was also the first woman to run 660km across the Simpson Dessert and recently completed running 10 marathons in 10 days in Orta, Italy. Ahead of her incredible 404th marathon at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival on Sunday 18th September, Jane has shared her top tips on conquering a marathon.

Be sure you take these into account before you start training, and it’ll make the whole process so much more enjoyable—not to mention successful.

Check out Jane’s tips below:

1. Never listen to your head. There’s always more fuel in the tank. 

2. Find like-minded people to train with. It’s always easier to get a run in when there’s commitment. 

3. Shoes. Get the ones you are feeling good in. I’ve worn Hoka Bondi’s for 10 years now and they’ve been the reason why I have managed to stay injury free.

4. Family always comes first. Never put running before the most important people in your life. There’s always another race…. and there’s always time later on.

5. Always have a goal. 

6. Listen to your body. Don’t ignore an injury…..BUT don’t let the 35-39kms play with your head in a marathon. Pain at that stage is temporary. If you’ve done the training you’ll get the reward. 

7. There is only one winner but there are some amazing stories at the back of the pack. Sometimes it’s good to ditch the earphones and run to the finish line with someone.

8. It’s your first marathon? It’s going to be a PB! Enjoy it!

9. You learn more from your bad runs than your good ones.

10. Don’t go out at a pace you can’t maintain.

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