Kayla Itsines On Becoming a Mum Of Two (And What She’s Doing Differently This Time Around)

“I’ve found the transition from one to two is so much easier than when I became a mum for the first time.”

Earlier this month, WH fave and mega trainer Kayla Itsines welcomed her second child into the world with partner and personal trainer Jae Woodroffe.

The beautiful baby boy, named Jax Stokes Woodroffe, was born at 8:45am on the 5th of January. “Words absolutely cannot describe this feeling. We are SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW,” Kayla posted on Instagram. “We went into hospital around 6:30am on the 5th of January. He was out in the world by 8:45am weighing 3.5kgs (7.72 pounds).”

While counting down the months to the arrival of her new family member, Kayla opened up to Women’s Health about how the challenges she faced after delivering daughter Arna Leia via c-section had her feeling uneasy about doing it all over again. Here, we caught up with the 31-year-old to find out how her second birthing experience compared to the first, and what family life has been like with their extra special new addition.

Tell us about the moment you found out it was a boy?

We decided not to find out the gender during my pregnancy, but SO many people thought it was going to be a baby boy. Jae’s dad passed away when he was 13, so Jae went to visit him at the cemetery the day before our c-section was scheduled to ask him for a healthy baby. I think he secretly asked his dad to make sure it was a boy!

As I was in the hospital delivering Jax, Jae’s dad’s funeral song came on, totally by chance. That was the moment when we found out Jax was a boy and it was really emotional for so many reasons. I wish Jae’s dad could be here to see his son become a father, so it was really special to feel like he was part of his grandson’s birth.

How are you feeling physically post-birth?

I was VERY sore the first week and needed help every time I wanted to get up, which is to be expected after a caesarean. I’m really lucky that I had Jae and our family on hand to help out during those first few days. I’m starting to feel a bit better but I know my body is still recovering so I’m taking it slowly. I’ll be waiting six weeks for the all-clear from my doctor before I even think about training again.

This is your second c-section. How has recovery been so far? Is it any different this time around?

So far, my physical experience recovering from Jax’s birth has been the same as with Arna. If anything, it’s been a little easier emotionally this time because I was much more mentally prepared. There’s a confidence that comes with having your second baby and knowing what to expect. My mental wellbeing is a huge priority, so feeling more confident and emotionally prepared this time around has made a huge difference.

What is it like now that you’re a mum of two?

It’s definitely busier! It’s a bit challenging recovering from a c-section with a toddler as Arna just doesn’t understand the level of pain I’m in. She still wants me to play with her and it’s hard to say no to jumping on the trampoline with her. But she adores her little brother and we’re loving life as a family of four.

What are some things that worked really well for Arna that you’re leaning into with Jax?

Establishing a good sleep routine. It’s really hard but so worth it in the long run. We’re using the Little Ones app, it’s a great tool for sleep-deprived parents!

What are you doing differently?

I’ve found the transition from one to two is so much easier than when I became a mum for the first time. I was so much more prepared this time and know how to ask for help. There’s a confidence that comes with having done this before that means I don’t stress out over every little thing and I can actually enjoy my time with him.

Is Arna loving the role of big sister?

She really is! She’s SO helpful if I need anything and is always the first to tell me when he’s crying. She was such a natural with her cousin Gigi so I had no doubt that she would adjust to life with a little brother like a natural, and her and Gigi play beautifully together while I’m busy with Jax. I can’t wait to see the three of them playing together as Jax gets older.

How is Jae settling into his new role as a dad?

Jae is already such a natural! I’m such an organised person, so I wanted to make sure he was really prepared for what life with a newborn would look like before Jax arrived and what we needed to do as a couple to stay connected. I don’t think I gave him a chance to be shocked by becoming a new dad, and he’s taken to fatherhood with so much ease. He’s also very thankful now for how much I prepared him!

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