Kim Kardashian Announces Launch Of New Skincare Line

It’s hard to believe it’s the first venture into skincare for Kim, who is a self-confessed skincare junkie. But the celebrity skincare market is a saturated one, with musicians to actors and high-profile names all looking to snag a piece of the lucrative pie that is a skincare-obsessed generation. From Rihanna to Scarlett Johansson and J. Lo, these celebrities have found a loyal fanbase with products tailored to a wide demographic that are surprisingly more affordable than most would have anticipated. 

As for Kim’s line, SKKN combines a number of science-backed offerings that all sport the trademark minimalist design the Kardashians have become known for. In an interview with Allure, Kim spoke of the regimen behind the products, saying “I didn’t want to launch with three or four products like it was recommended [to me] at the beginning because that’s not my skin-care routine.”

Instead, she’s sticking true to exactly what she uses herself. As she explained to the New York Times, “I wanted to just stay true to exactly what I use, even if everyone was saying this is overwhelming.” She added, “It might seem scary to some…that’s why I’m here – to break it down, to be like, ‘They’re all necessary.’”

Products in the SKKN line include a foaming cleanser, toner, exfoliator, vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum, a face and an eye cream, oil drops, and a night oil. It’s designed to rejuvenate and nourish all skin types, and Kim prides herself on catering to all skin types and demographics, with no restriction on age or maturity of skin. “In all my business endeavours, I’ve been fuelled by my passion to fill gaps in the market with expertly crafted and universally loved products that are performance driven,” she said. 

“It’s important to not have an age cap on it. It could be up to a really mature skin.”

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