Mind Coach Poppy Delbridge On Flipping Your Self-Talk Script

“Think about the things you interact with every day and how you can do something little to upgrade them.”

Mind coach Poppy Delbridge draws on the likes of manifestation and tapping – a practice that involves physically tapping on certain points of the body – to help people ease stress and live their full potential.

Here, the author of Tapping In (Hachette, $45) talks touch, teapots and flipping your self-talk script.

Tap into a fresh self-care move

“One of my first tapping experiences was at a time when I was really consumed by emotion, anxiety and overwhelm, which I’m sure lots of people can relate to. As women, if you have responsibilities – at that point I had a seven-year-old [child] and a career in media – there’s this expectation to just carry on and get on with it. That was hard to do. Then my mum said, ‘Poppy, tap with me’. And when I did that, I started to feel what was possible again. I could be more present and take control of the situation, rather than spiralling. So that really got me hooked into the power of [tapping].”

Touch on your instinct

“We tap instinctively – you pat your dog, you pat a baby, you might pat yourself if you’re stressed. Tapping is innately in us. The power of touch is massive. It’s a free resource I wish we were taught how to [utilise] a lot more from an early age.”

Just press play

“If you’re curious about tapping, just get going – don’t worry about doing it right at this point. If you’re stressed, notice what happens when you tap on your collarbones and heart area. There are diagrams and routines for what and where to do it. But the first thing is not being afraid to just begin.” 

Take on that Inner Critic

“A phrase that stays with me is ‘thoughts become things’. The thoughts I have about myself – and the way I talk to myself – end up being the reality around me. Back in the day, the amount of vitriol I would say in my head… ‘I’m rubbish, I’ve messed this up’. I really gave myself a hard time. That’s now my mission for other women – how can
we stop that voice in our heads? Because when we do manage to lessen that, that’s when we start to see really exciting things happen in our lives.”

Dial up the Joy

“Imagine a line [running] up and down – I call it a Frequency Scale. At the bottom is a [sense] of not feeling good, and [it runs] all the way to the top where you’re feeling [great]. I try to move myself up that line as much as I can. What can I do right now to bring myself joy and happiness? Think about the things you interact with every day and how you can do something little to upgrade them. I had a client who loved tea, so she bought herself a teapot from a lovely store. It’s those simple things.”

Listen to Poppy take us through a tapping exercise on our podcast Uninterrupted by Women’s Health Australia.

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