NRLW Star Julia Robinson Hits Back At Body-Shamers: “I Love My Muscles”

She’s a formidable force on the field with an athletic prowess that has made her invaluable to the Brisbane Broncos. But after being the target of online body-shamers and social media trolls, NRLW star Julia Robinson is speaking out.

To watch NRLW star Julia Robinson play is to witness athletic excellence in its highest form. With her incredible speed, strength and power, hers is a determination that sees her bring her all to every game, delivering a performance that has made her an invaluable asset to the Brisbane Broncos. But while such skill and commitment to her craft should be celebrated, instead Robinson has found herself the target of internet trolls and online body-shamers, who have commented on countless pictures of her across Instagram.

While the Brisbane Broncos have condemned the trolls who commented on an image of the three-time partnership winner on their own social media platforms, Robinson is now speaking up about the issue herself. The photograph, which showed the Queensland and Australia representative player in a singlet at training attracted a slew of derogatory comments focused on her muscular physique. 

“I never usually read social media comments, or let them affect me. However I just wanted to say that no one should be ashamed or self-conscious to have muscles. It shows dedication and hard work. I love my muscles.”

Julia Robinson

Her words were echoed by fellow players who were quick to voice their support for the NRLW star and fight back against body-shaming in sport, much of which is focused on women. As Queensland captain Ali Brigginshaw commented, “Got you always (Robinson) – f*****g trolls at it again.” Jillaroos teammate Kirra Dibb branded the comments targeted at Robinson as “disgusting,” adding, “No one should be anything but complimentary to athletes that work incredibly hard to be the best in their sport.”

It’s safe to say that for male athletes, comments on their physique are only ever those that seem to put them on a pedestal of athletic excellence and see them celebrated as aspirational models in society. In contrast, women who compete at the top levels of sport are instead belittled and ridiculed for their muscular physique, something that is merely a testament to their hard work and relentless drive. The double standard is one that needs to change and it goes without saying that there is no room for such comments to be made against women in sport. 

As Broncos CEO Dave Donaghy said, “Julia has been a Bronco since the very first day our NRLW team came together in 2018 and we are all angered by the words written by these trolls. Julia is one of the hardest workers in both our men’s and women’s program, and her consistently elite performances on the field reflect the effort she puts into her training and preparation.”

Donaghy added: “That’s not to mention the widespread work she does in the community, and the inspiration she gives to young athletes, both boys and girls. Surely our society has moved beyond athletes and role models like Julia being belittled for a photo that showcases everything that is great about our sport.”

Not one to let such comments get to her, Robinson will remain focused on the upcoming fifth season of the NRLW that is set to commence this week. She’s expected to line up for the Broncos in their opening match against Newcastle on Sunday. 

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