Peanut Butter Boards Are The Plate You Need To Add To Your Next Festive Party

With the festive season upon us, the time is ripe for eating delicious foods and tasty treats. And when it comes to impressing party-goers with your culinary prowess, the peanut butter board gets our tick of approval.

In a blink of an eye we’ve suddenly found ourselves at the tail-end of December, those empty days that amass on the calendar where it’s not quite early enough to start something new, and too late to finish that which we haven’t already. This is the limbo period where time feels somewhat suspended from all reality and we simply plan our activities around the various festive work drinks, celebrations and parties we have to attend. 

When it comes to the festive season, such parties are known for being a time of indulgence. We might not have the arctic winds and snow that other countries boast during the holiday season, but here in Australia our summer is synonymous with fresh produce that packs a punch when it comes to flavour. Naturally then, when we’re tasked to bring a dish to any event, we want to deliver the goods. Only for some, culinary skills aren’t exactly something we’re born with. Instead, being tasked with coming up with a dish can have us feeling like Bridget Jones in the kitchen as she slaves over the stove, only to serve up a blue string soup. 

If the idea of serving up a dish of your own has you trembling with the kind of fear you’d expect of a MasterChef contestant heading into final elimination, thankfully there is a solution that doesn’t demand elaborate skills and is still super tasty. Thanks to TikTok, a new trend has been making the rounds on the social platform, one which has transformed the popular charcuterie board to something more exciting. Let us introduce to you the Peanut Butter board: a dish that’s gone viral for good reason – who doesn’t love peanut butter?! 

The idea behind it is simple: simply smear peanut butter on a board and top with any variety of foods. Whether you opt for smooth, crunchy or a nut alternative like almond butter is up to you and your own personal preference, much like the choice of toppings that you sprinkle over. It’s the perfect invitation to get creative in the kitchen, as anything goes well with peanut butter in our opinion. So, next festive party that requires you to bring a dish, wow everyone in attendance with a peanut butter board you whip up at home. Easy to make and a sure crowd pleaser, here are some of our favourite peanut butter boards for some inspiration. 

Make it festive

Aside from looking like a work of art, this peanut butter board proves that you can get creative with it and adorn it with various toppings to suit the occasion. Why not add some gingerbread biscuits or candy canes, in keeping with the Christmas spirit?

Make it a show-stopping dessert

Life is all about balance and everyone needs to indulge now and again. This peanut butter board is a delicious combination of melted chocolate, crushed cookies, berries and waffles. Yum!

Make it healthy

This peanut butter board might be sprinkled with some tasty goodies, but the peanut butter has no added sugar or vegetable oils, making it an excellent option for those looking for a tasty (and healthy) snack option.

Make it crunchy

While the debate over smooth or crunchy peanut butter will always exist, this peanut butter board gets our tick of approval for the introduction of crunch through peanut brittle. Consider serving with banana chips or apple, too.

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Make it a breakfast treat

Who said you can’t do a peanut butter board for breakfast? This example combines all of our favourite breakfast foods, including granola, pretzels, and fruit.

@lainiecooks Peanut butter board > #butterboard ♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

Make it sweet

Peanut butter might be sweet enough for some, but if you want to go the extra mile for those with a sweet tooth, drizzle over some honey. You won’t be able to resist.

Make it personal

Depending on just who you’re entertaining and their personal preferences, why not incorporate their favourite snacks or treats as toppings.

Make it caramel-flavoured

If you want to pull out all the stops for a dessert peanut butter board, consider making it even sweeter with caramel, and adding extra peanuts for crunch. You can also top with Oreos because let’s face it, you can never have too much of a good thing.

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Make it sugar-free

This peanut butter board is a great option for those looking to still adorn it with all the goodies, but scale back on the sugar. By option for a sugar-free nut butter, you can add sweet toppings without fear of going overboard on sugar.

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Make it savoury

Not all peanut butter boards have to be sweet, as this one proves a smoked alternative is just as delicious (if not more). We love the addition of bacon and some toasted bread slices for a delicious feed.

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