Rachael Finch: ‘I Was Over-Exercising and Under-Eating. I’m Sharing This Now to Encourage Others to Seek Help’

Over the past 10-plus years, Rachael has been slowly healing her relationship with her body. She’s internalised new beliefs and learnt how to nourish rather than deprive or punish her body. This is why the mum of two is sharing her story now: she wants to help reduce the stigma of eating disorders and encourage others to seek help. Here, she talks about her road to recovery, and how the lessons she’s learnt have influenced all aspects of her life, from her budding wellness empire to motherhood.

Was there a turning point that helped transform your view of yourself?

Rachael Finch: When I met [my husband] Misha [12 years ago on Dancing With The Stars]. He really opened my eyes to, “I don’t love you, because of the way you look… I love you, because of who you are as a person.” It [prompted] this self discovery: “Well, what is my self worth? Who am I as a person? And what do I really believe in?”

I found yoga and I started meditating. When I started to answer those questions and get in tune with my body, my whole attitude towards life, food and movement completely changed. That’s why I never like saying on my Instagram, ‘daily exercise’. I always say ‘daily movement’, because I don’t feel like it should be this hardcore, smashing yourself, harsh, strict, daily practice. You should do what makes you happy.

You should follow the rhythm of your body. And that’s going to be so different to the person next to you. It’s a long journey to discover what works best for your body. It takes so much experimentation. And then [there’s the need] to set those boundaries for you, and the people around you, and help people understand that this is what you want to be doing now, and then going ahead and doing it. 

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