Rachael Finch’s Hair Stylist on How to Get Her Luscious Locks

Photography: David Higgs.

On the one hand, highlighted hair is synonymous with beachy, sun-kissed depth that catches the light. And on the other: tell-tale split ends, perennially dry strands and the dreaded brassy tones of a botched salon visit gone by.

Yes, looking after highlighted hair can be a blessing and a curse – something to which hairstylist, Kirby Lago, can attest.

With a celebrity clientele that lists our July cover star Rachael Finch and Miranda Kerr as regulars, she is what David Beckham is to football fans. The master of colour & balayage. And her salon, Pélo, is just further proof of it.

Here, Women’s Health chats to Lago on tending to tresses– from the products to choose in-between visits to the big no-no’s, oh, and the formula Finch herself swears by, too.

Source @womenshealth.com.au: Read more at : womenalive.org

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