Sarah Jessica Parker On The Double Standard Surrounding Ageing 

When a photo appeared of Parker on set of And Just Like That alongside her friend, Andy Cohen, she noted that he didn’t face any comments on his appearance whereas hers came under great scrutiny from the public. “Andy has a full head of beautiful grey hair,” she said. “But no one mentioned him, sitting right next to me. Not a soul. I’m not angry, it’s just an observation. Some of it hurts for a minute, it smarts. And some of it confounds me because of the double standard that is so plainly illustrated.”

If it’s one thing Parker wants other women to take away from her experience, it’s that ageing graceful and embracing the changes in your appearance is not something to be considered brave, but should actually be the norm. Speaking about her grey hair, Parker said: “It became months and months of conversation about how brave I am for having grey hair. I was like, please please applaud someone else’s courage on something!”

For Parker, more important than anything else, is feeling good in her body. Hers is a holistic approach to health in which she wants to feel healthy, strong, and that she’s living up to the standards she sets for herself. “When I walk out the door, I want to feel OK – according to my standards. I can’t even tell you what those standards are. But you know how you feel when you feel most like yourself, whatever that means. I’m not without vanity. I guess I just don’t care enough about everybody else’s opinion,” she tells Allure. 

As she suggests, “I don’t condemn those who have more vanity than I do, or those that have less. I don’t think there’s a right or a wrong way to have a relationship with ageing, living, time spent on earth. But mine is that there are a million things I want to do with my free time, and none of them have to do with preserving [what I look like] now, or trying to get back to 15 years ago.”

Parker adds: “All I think about is like, ‘What am I going to eat? What books am I gonna bring with me? Can we get into that strange little restaurant? Will the water be warm enough where I wanna swim? Also, Wordle.”

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