Shakira’s Long-Time Trainer Shares The Workout Moves Behind Her Strong Core

Her hips don’t lie, but Shakira’s core boasts the kind of strength most of us can only dream of. Thankfully, her long-time trainer Anna Kaiser is sharing the key moves behind the singer’s abs of steel.

Since becoming a household name with her iconic hit “Whenever, Wherever”, Shakira has continued to cement her place as one of pop culture’s greatest stars. From her incredible performances on stage including the Super Bowl which saw her perform the halftime show alongside J.Lo, demonstrating the kind of dance moves that looked impossible for mere mortals to replicate, to her humanitarian and advocacy work across Colombia and Latin America, Shakira has continued to use her platform to not only share joy through her music, but also empower others and create change. 

If there’s one thing you can always expect from Shakira, it’s that she gives it all when on the stage and to do so requires a staggering amount of energy. Not surprisingly, Shakira is something of a fitness fanatic and along with dance workouts that elevate the heart rate, she also favours a gruelling core workout. 

Thankfully, the singer’s long-time trainer Anna Kaiser isn’t safeguarding Shakira’s core moves. Instead, Kaiser revealed to fans what it takes to train the performer for more than a decade and how Shakira stays motivated. As Kaiser explained to Shape magazine, Shakira “is such a cute nerd and loves learning about anything science related,” allowing Kaiser to go into depth about specific workout moves and their anatomical and physical significance. 

According to Kaiser, music also plays a key role in Shakira’s workouts. “I always try to bring fresh beats to keep it fun, interesting and unexpected,” says Kaiser, but she also admits that sometimes she switches up the training session by turning off the music completely. “Sometimes when she is recording she prefers to work out in a quiet room to get a music break.”

When it comes to core exercises, Kaiser utilises full-body movement rather than isolating the abdominals. As she explains, “Because your body works as a unit, not a combination of parts,” you want to engage as many muscles as possible, while still focusing on form. Kaiser also says it’s important to focus on breathing, recommending that you exhale on exertion so as to pull your navel to your spine and avoid pushing your core out or arching your lower back throughout the exercise. 

Favourite moves of Shakira include the side pincher, in which you reach one hand down past the knee while keeping the body square to the front; the standing march with a weighted crunch to really target the obliques while also keeping the legs engaged; and twisted crunches. 

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