The Cowgirl Workout Is The Empowering Fitness Class That Promises More Than Better Sex

Created by sexologist Tyomi Morgan, The Cowgirl Workout doesn’t just promise physical benefits but also works to transform your relationship with sex, desire and your relationship with your body.

The wellness industry loves a fitness trend, and when it comes to the latter, new workouts promising instant results and physical changes spring up quicker than a TikTok dance craze. But while such fads tend to generate as much hype as Rihanna’s Super Bowl appearance, with social media feeds practically groaning under the weight of influencer POV shoots inside underground gyms that look more like a nightclub than the destination for burpees and profuse sweating, they also tend to disappear just as quickly. 

But if The Cowgirl Workout sounds like yet another workout trend designed to draw crowds before fading into obscurity – think again. If the growing popularity and loyal following the workout has seen in recent months is anything to go by, it appears this is one fitness activity with staying power. Created by sexologist, movement specialist and pleasure coach Tyomi Morgan, the workout was designed to empower individuals and see them come to love their bodies through movement. Rather than promise a “quick fix”, Morgan’s program is one that provides transformative change, tapping into our wellbeing as it explores the nature of pleasure, desire and body positivity. 

With a background in sexology, dance, yoga, sexual anatomy and fitness conditioning, Morgan sought out to create a workout that combined all of her passions, fusing healing and pleasure together within the realm of fitness. As she explains, “I studied dance and fitness in high school and turned my love for movement and sex into a holistic program that helps women build a deeper relationship with their bodies and improve their intimate mobility. The idea to create The Cowgirl Workout came from the requests of women from around the world who flooded my YouTube channel with questions after I started sharing cowgirl position tutorials.”

For those watching around the world, theirs was an insatiable curiosity to learn more about how to move their bodies during intercourse when “riding” their partner. They voiced common complaints of sore knees, tight hips and a lack of endurance as many felt they fatigued quickly while in the position. “With my movement and fitness knowledge, I knew that teaching women how to ride better was going to require physical work, so I decided to create a fitness program that treats the common riding pain points in a way that’s fun and sexy,” says Morgan. 

Since establishing The Cowgirl Workout, Morgan’s knowledge has been in hot-demand. But it also proved as something of a salve during the monotony of lockdown, as many had to reassess their fitness goals and routine after gym doors closed and group classes were deemed unsafe. The Cowgirl Workout classes are taught online, with the option to choose private one-on-one sessions with Morgan for $250 USD, or a monthly membership plan for $25 USD a month that includes group workouts and the ability to connect with other community members. 

As a result, there’s little by way of equipment needed to participate. A water bottle on hand is recommended, as is a towel. It might sound like all fun and games, but make no mistake: this is a workout that will see you break a significant sweat. A soft floor or mat is certainly preferable, although knee pads can be worn for added cushioning, but really all you need is a positive attitude and open mind. As Morgan suggests, the goal of the class is to help women feel connected to their bodies and empowered, so she encourages clients to dress sexy in form-fitting clothes. 

While it’s true that The Cowgirl Workout certainly works to help you last longer on top, with a focus on the hips, glutes and core to see you master isolated movements that increase pleasure in the “cowgirl” position, it isn’t the only benefit of the workout. Yes, you can think of it as a sex masterclass – and certainly, when it comes to finding motivation to workout, such an attitude may just be the ticket to consistency. But it also goes far deeper than that. Morgan has helped clients work through trauma that lingers in the body – those memories that serve as roadblocks to desire and pleasure, experiences that have left us critical or self-conscious, feelings that have accumulated like scar tissue. With her empathetic approach to fitness and sex, hers is a workout that serves to unlock our full potential as we dive into our greatest desires. 

To learn more, we sat down with Morgan to hear about her philosophy on fitness, how she taps into self-confidence and pleasure in the classes, and the surprising transformations she’s seen in clients. 

Tyomi Morgan: The Cowgirl Workout has gained popularity because of its fun nature, its ability to provide results and the convenience of working out at home. Whether working out with me at home or at my in-person events, The Cowgirl Workout provides well-rounded routines that target core problem areas, and improvement can be experienced even after one session. 

There are several styles of the workout that women get to choose to improve their mobility and stamina, and they all are designed with personal autonomy in mind.  As the founder of The Cowgirl Workout, I think it’s also my personality as a coach that draws women into my tribe. I’m empathetic and encouraging while empowering my clients to trust their bodies and place their pleasure first.

Those who have done The Cowgirl Workout speak highly of the greater freedom, confidence and pleasure it gives them. How do you tap into these three areas in the workout?

Before I begin any workout, I give my clients a pep talk that encourages them to listen to their bodies and feel into what they need while in movement. I always encourage them to take breaks when necessary and to take deep, long breaths into their diaphragms to relax into movement. I encourage them to look at working out as a ritual they get to engage in with their bodies and to touch their bodies as they move through the routines. I encourage them to drop the judgements and to just be in the moment.

I also encourage working out in front of a mirror or using the facetime camera so clients can see themselves moving in this new way.  When they see their bodies moving sensually it opens up so many possibilities for them outside of what they thought their bodies could do. Deep breathing combined with pelvic work creates a more flexible and responsive pelvic floor and facilitates increased blood flow to the vagina, which helps clients access deeper orgasms thanks to a boost in sensitivity.  It’s all of the things working together for the greater good. 

Why is breathing control important with The Cowgirl Workout?

Breathing slowly and deeply into the diaphragm activates the rest and digest response, and places the body into relaxation mode. Knowing how to breathe while moving builds stamina and extends the ride. This enables women to last longer and feel more pleasure while on top. Breathing into the diaphragm also expands the pelvic floor placing healthy pressure on the “muscle hammock” to produce flexibility that promotes deeper orgasms. 

What do you think people are most surprised by when it comes to The Cowgirl Workout?

Most people are surprised at how their bodies shift and change as they move through the work. Some women have never had access to the level of mobility that they experience once they work with me.  These are women who come to me with stiff joints, tight hips and low confidence in how they move and connect with their bodies.  When they recognise the body awareness they’ve developed, their confidence boosts.  It’s even more of a surprise to them that there are muscles they didn’t know they needed to wake up and strengthen. They are shocked and so appreciative of what I’ve created because the program actually works when they work it. 

From your experience, what are some of the transformations you’ve seen in those who have done your program, particularly when it comes to sex- and body-positivity? 

I’ve seen some amazing transformations from The Cowgirl Workout. One of my clients went from a size 22 to a size 16 and started doing Pilates and running because she built up the stamina to do so. She even started wearing more fitted clothing because she felt so much confidence in herself.  One of my clients completely eliminated the lower back pain she was carrying for years because of her work with me. 

Another client who has lived with Vaginismus for most of her sexual life due to trauma experienced deep pleasure on top for the first time.  She told me that most of her sexual experiences have been peppered with pain, and she is now crying tears of joy because what I have created has helped access pleasure in a way that she didn’t think was possible.  

Many others have accessed deeper pleasure, rounded out their booties, dropped weight and feel confident dropping it low at parties now because they know how to move and feel confident doing so.  I’ve seen so many improve in their partnered sex experiences where their lovers have personally thanked me for the work.  The fact that I get to help women feel sexy and confident in their bodies and teach them how to access deeper pleasure through the power of movement and breath is magical. 

How often would you recommend people do The Cowgirl Workout a week?

I recommend practicing The Cowgirl Workout at least 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes. Workouts are typically 60 minutes and our VIPs have access to 20-30 minutes quickies, but the longer formed workouts can be broken up into smaller chunks.  Scientific study has linked 20 minutes of rigorous fitness to improving self-concept and sexual function in women.  So, I use these findings to inform my clients of the recommended level of activity. 

To learn more about Tyomi Morgan’s The Cowgirl Workout or to view membership options, visit the official website here

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