The Enneagram Personality Test: Find Out If You Are In The Right Relationship

Something quite profound that the Covid-19 Pandemic and the associated lockdowns taught us, is the universal yearning for real human connection. No matter our circumstances, culture or life experience, something we all share is a deep desire for authentic connection. Having this stripped from us practically overnight, helped to make us more aware of this – and for many, it highlighted the desire to seek out a romantic partner.

These days, most singles turn to online dating apps to look for that someone special. For anyone who has tried dating apps, you’ll know that it can be incredibly challenging. Hours go by scrolling through photos, reading painful one-liners and deciding whether or not to send that first message. Then there’s the challenge of trying to navigate what the other person is looking for – and whether or not you’re on the same page.

This is where the Enneagram personality test, a truly dynamic model guides us in understanding and connecting with our authentic self. This places us in a better position to understand the other and truly embark upon ‘Dating With Purpose’, journeying toward our perfect match.

Understanding your Enneagram Results

Within the above nine personality types noted above, wings are to be considered because that has influence on your personality. The wings are the numbers on either side of your core type, and this can impact how you interact – refer to the above diagram. For example, the Challenger with a Peacemaker wing comes across much less intense than the Challenger with the Adventurer wing. Once the type and wing have been identified, we then dive deeper into the sub-type, of which there are three; the self-preservation, the social and the sexual. The sub-types can impact further on how we interact, such as levels of extraversion and levels of social perception.

So, can the Enneagram find the ultimate love match?

The most common romantic match is those who fall on the same arrow lines (stress arrows and growth arrows). For example, an 8 and a 2, or a 9 with a 6 or a 3. This makes sense intuitively as there is a greater understanding between types who either integrate or disintegrate into the other type. The other combination that often comes up is numbers who sit side by side. This again, could be due to an understanding of the wings.

On a deeper level, the Enneagram allows us to be the better partner as we are able to date with our eyes open. We are able to see our partner with all their strengths, weaknesses and potentials for growth. With understanding comes compassion.

When we are on the same page as our partner, both doing our own development work, we can support each other with joy and informed encouragement.

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