These Are The Most Popular Festive Nail Trends of 2022

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December is finally here, so it makes sense that you might be in the mood to switch up your nails with a seasonal manicure and pedicure – after all, our hands and feet are going to be busy wrapping presents, raising toasts, sipping cocktails and pounding pavements and gliding across dancefloors over the next few weeks!

But deciding what colour, theme or design to go for can be mentally exhausting. Do you keep it simple with a classy, clean girl nude nail? Go for festive vamp with long, matte red talons? Or unleash your inner Buddy the Elf and cover your talons with the nail polish equivalent of fairy lights, magic dust, tinsel, mince pies and Slade on repeat.

To remove ‘manicure ideas for Christmas’ from your to-do list, we delved into a new report by SpaSeekers which has revealed the most popular trends for this year!

SpaSeekers analysed Google search data and TikTok viewing data to discover the nail trends which have been in most demand – revealing that chrome nails (as popularised by Hailey Bieber), gingerbread nails and red french tips were amongst the most popular designs this festive season.

Check out the complete list below!

Rank Nail trend % increase (searches) TikTok views
1 Chrome nails 306% 295,600,000
2 Gingerbread nails 50% 715,200,000
3 Red french tips 50% 298,900,000
4 Velvet nails 402% 22,600,000
5 Glazed donut nails 50% 137,300,000
6 Gold nails 22% 66,000,000
7 Metallic green nails 50% 21,000,000
8 Snowflake tips 300% 1,100,000
9 Glass nails 50% 3,200,000
10 Halfmoon nails 83% 962,600

Chrome nails

New research reveals that chrome nails are the most popular festive nail trend of 2022, with searches for the nail design increasing by 306% in 2022, and there being almost 300 million views for the trend on TikTok.

Gingerbread nails

The festive nail trend with the highest number of TikTok views, and ranking in second position overall was gingerbread nails – the trend which sees Christmas lovers painting mini gingerbread men onto their nails to celebrate the festive season. Searches for this nail design are up 50% in comparison to 2021, and the trend has over 715 million views on TikTok.

Red french tips

Another festive nail trend which exploded in popularity in 2022 was red french tips, serving as a sleek and Christmassy alternative to the classic French manicure, which is often painted onto almond shaped nails. TikTok’s ongoing “red nail theory” – the theory that painting your nails red can make you more attractive to potential partners – may well have influenced the red french tips trend, which has almost 300 million views on TikTok.

Velvet nails

A velvet manicure is the perfect alternative for those who aren’t fans of more noticeable Christmas nail art looks, and aims to create the illusion of a velvety texture, by how the paint bounces off the light. Understated but glitzy, velvet nails are a mix of glitter and metallic polish effects and are best worn in Christmassy reds, golds and greens.

Glazed donut nails

Glazed donut nails ranked as the 5th most popular trend of 2022, having been searched for over 700,000 times in 2022, and receiving over 137 million views on TikTok.

Gold nails

This metallic shade just screams glamour and extravagance, no matter how it’s worn. It’s the symbol of wealth and elegance, and adding even just a touch of gold to your ordinary nails can already make it look many times more sophisticated.

Of all the jewel tones with which you can do a manicure, emerald green is obviously the most Christmassy. A great choice for anyone looking for a pop of colour.

Snowflake tips

Nope, those little twinkling stars aren’t a filter—this nail art is just that good. A mix of gold glitter nail polish and silver dot polish make up the base of these snowy nails, while white nail polish gives the accent-nail snowflakes a bright, almost unreal contrast.

Glass nails

Glass nails – the nail trend created by Eunkyung Park which uses finely-cut holographic foil to create the illusion of shards of glass – and halfmoon nails, for which searches are up 83% compared to 2021.

Halfmoon nails

Halfmoon nails is the simple nail trend which is not new in the world of nail trends, however is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in 2022. The halfmoon manicure involves painting colour (or an outline) over the lunula (the small rounded shadow at the bottom of each nail) and is loved for its versatility, being able to work across many nail lengths and shapes, and can be incorporated with many other nail trends, designs and colours.

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