This Rice Pudding Recipe Is The Ultimate Performance-Boosting Snack

According to a Sports Dietitian ⚡️

It wasn’t part of the plan for you to be reading about rice pudding this week. But over the weekend, Sports Dietitian Rose Maclean whipped out the quickest, easiest and healthiest rice pudding recipes- and we just had to share it. 

One of her all-time favourite performance snacks, it can be eaten before or after your workout – or basically anytime you’re craving a sweet treat. (*cough*, 3pm – that you?).

“It’s so versatile – it turns out it can make a great pre-trainer, AND post-training snack options, particularly for those requiring something more on the run (as you can prep this one in advance),” explains Maclean. “Why? it’s lower in fat and fibre, high in easy to digest carbs, with moderate amounts of protein, and therefore ideal for a pre-training snack, plus it also contains many of the elements to support repair & recovery post-training (i.e. carbs, protein, fats, and bonus colour).”

It’s amazing. It’s deadly. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of. One spoonful of this creamy concoction and you’re hooked. Your taste buds will never forget the thick, custard-like texture matched with the hint of cinnamon and the fresh berries on top. It’s simply sublime. And for that reason, I’ve disrupted my editorial schedule to share it with you. (You’re welcome.) 

Bon appetit! 

Rice pudding recipe

Serves ~4-5, or as desired (containing ~30g of carbs per serve if serving 5):


• 140g rice (I used a medium-grain variety) 
• 600mL milk (+ more if required) 
• 50g sugar/ sweetener/ or alt (optional depending on desired sweetness) 
• 1 tsp vanilla essence/ extract 
• Cinnamon
• 200g yoPRO yoghurt (i.e. vanilla / salted caramel flavour) 
• Fresh/ frozen berries or alt fruit to serve 


1. In a medium saucepan combine the milk, rice, vanilla extract, and sugar (optional), and bring to the boil. 
2. Reduce mixture to a simmer and cook for ~20-30 minutes or until rice is cooked and absorbs the majority of the liquid. Stir throughout occasionally to prevent rice from ‘clumping together’.
3. Remove from heat and allow the rice to slightly cool for ~15 minutes in the fridge (this will also ensure any additional liquid is absorbed). Add in the yoPRO yoghurt of choice, mixing to combine.
4. Separate into small containers/ bowls and serve with optional fruit (i.e. if serving as a post-training option) 

*If having as a post-training option – pair with additional yoPRO to ensure adequate protein post-training (i.e >20g) 

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