This Science-backed Weight Loss Program Works – in a Very Unique Way

“In the past, I’ve found that [just doing] calorie restriction would lead me to hyper-focusing on food and being hungry all the time,” explains Jo. “When you’re on a diet your body fights back and makes you hungrier which then slows down your metabolism so it’s even harder to lose the weight.”

This is why clinically-proven prescription medication is used alongside Juniper’s targeted weight loss program. Expect ongoing health coaching by specialist health coaches plus peer-to-peer support from fellow Juniper patients, who are keen to share lived experiences and support you on your journey.  Jo explains that was crucial to her success:

“I used the online communities when I first started with Juniper and it was great having other people at the same stage as me, especially as I didn’t know what to expect,” she says. “The health coaching had good reminders for me – simple food swaps, fill your plate with half veggies, that kind of thing, I found the health coaching helped me with accountability and helped keep me on track.”

The stats speak for themselves: According to a 2020 study from the International Journal of Obesity, patients lost 12.1% of their body weight in 52 weeks using medication combined with behavioural changes, which is twice as much compared to behavioural changes alone. 

 “This whole journey has been about me being healthy and feeling better than I used to,” says Jo. “I can say with confidence that I feel a million times better than I did in and I’m definitely healthier.”

Start living your best life by consulting with a Juniper doctor about your weight loss program here.

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