This Sports Bra Range Wins On Comfort and Confidence-boosting Style – For Any Activity

Move freely in Triumph’s impressive Triaction sports bra collection

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Blurring the line between sports bra and athleisure, Triumph’s Triaction is built to move with your body for however you choose to move it.

While we all have our own interpretation of what personal health and fitness mean to us, it’s not often this is celebrated when searching for the perfect-fit sports bra to elevate a workout. But this is where Triumph Triaction is different – for all the right reasons.

This is a collection that supports – not derides – all the nuances of our individualised health goals while adapting to each and every activity we get up to on any given day.

Working off a checklist when searching for the right sports bra might sound ideal, but with every woman’s needs so very individual this doesn’t always help.

Triumph gets it, so the only question you need to ask yourself with a Triaction sports bra is: how much support do you need? High-impact or would a low-intensity crop top fulfil your needs?  Choose either ‘Studio’ – bras for lightweight movement or ‘Cardio’ – for exercise and sports where you want to ‘feel the burn’. It’s that simple.

Triaction’s low-impact and medium-impact sports bras are perfect for activities with less movement such as weightlifting, cycling, and walking. Triaction’sStudio Sports Bras are tailor-made for women who crave comfort.  Plus, these super stylish seamless contour bras can take you effortlessly – and comfortably – from the office to the gym, then out to coffee with friends, all with a minimum of fuss.

If you need extra support, a high-impact sports bra will be life-changing (and you know what we mean!) Triaction  Cardio Sports Bras are designed with premium bounce performance technologies and innovative design. Offering extreme support and over 70% bounce control, high-impact bras are ideal for intensive activities such as running, HIIT and basketball.

But engineering a sports bra range to meet all of our individual needs didn’t just come by chance – it’s backed by extensive research and concept testing. Triumph put in the work, asking women worldwide about what’s important to them and the way they move.

This led to Triaction’s unique design characteristics:

1. Seamfree: Seamless sports bras provide excellent levels of compression and can hold the breasts tightly to your chest without the need for wires. This is a great choice for those searching for a minimising effect.  The Triaction Seamfree Crop Top uses circular knit technology to hold you into place while moisture-management fabric wicks sweat away from the body.

2. Adjustable cross straps: For that extra support, having the ability to change straps to a cross design can help us feel more secure and take the strain off our shoulders. The stylishTriaction Ultra Sports Bra provides optimal functionality with padded 3D straps that are fully adjustable both front and back.

3. Contour design: Contour cups conform to the natural shape and help lift and support the bust. The separated cups minimise spillage making it a favourite for those who are after a stylish multi-duty sports bra. The exclusive Cloud spacer cup technology used in the Triaction Cardio Cloud Padded Bra provides breathability and lightness, optimising comfort.

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