Victoria Beckham On The Time She Was Forced To Weigh Herself On TV After Giving Birth

Throughout history, women have seen their bodies converted to a common currency, with tabloid magazines trading off paparazzi images showing celebrities in their most vulnerable states. From those simply wanting to enjoy a summer holiday on the beach wearing a bikini, to others spending a night out on the town, women have seen their bodies come under public scrutiny at all stages of life. It’s not surprising then, that many of us feel societal pressures to conform to beauty standards and when it comes to pregnancy and the joys of being a new mum, many feel the experience is one overshadowed by the need to “bounce back” to their original pre-pregnancy weight. 

In 2022, the tides are slowing changing and more women are embracing their bodies and celebrating their strength. Conversations are shifting away from bouncing back, but rather bouncing forward, as fitness trainer and mum, Tiff Hall has previously spoken out about. Now, Victoria Beckham is also sharing her own story and the personal turmoil she experienced when her weight became the subject of discussion on national television. 

During the ‘90s, the former Spice Girl found herself the subject of discussion in the media, with publications eager to know the ins-and-outs of her weight throughout her career. After giving birth to her son, Brooklyn, Victoria was even forced to weigh herself. 

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