Wanna Try TikTok’s Face Shaving Trend? Here’s *The* Product You Need.

Smooth, glowing skin: Coming right up!

From the “I’m cold” makeup look to facial cupping, TikTok is an endless source of beauty inspo and trend info. Now, beauty TikTokkers are touting the benefits of face shaving (which – btw – include smoother, glowier skin and easier makeup application). And, if you wanna know how to shave your face or what the best products to use are, you’ve come to the right place.

But before you get any ideas about reaching for that mouldy old leg shaver that’s been sitting in the shower for months, do not (we repeat, DO NOT!) pick up any old razor. If you want to try this beauty trend safely (and get the best results), it’s important to choose the right product. A good-quality facial razor will minimise the chances of nicking your skin while still getting a super close shave… and, leave you with that coveted silky smooth complexion.

Our current fave beauty buy for the task is Bondi Blade’s razor, a purpose-designed, mini shaver for the face. The stainless steel blade is shaped to perfectly navigate the contours of your face and the handle is made sustainably from bio-degradable wheat straw.

Best of all, the razors come with a cost-friendly price tag of three for $24.95.

Wanna Try TikTok's Face Shaving Trend? Here's *The* Product You Need.
Shop now: Bondi Blades 3 Pack Derma Razor, $24.95

Or if you can nab a six-pack for $39.95 or a nine-pack for $49.95 (who doesn’t love a bundle deal?).

Face shaving frequently asked questions

How do I shave my face?

Start with freshly cleansed, dry skin and gently stroke your face razor against the skin at a 45-degree angle – angling downwards. Wipe the blade on a cotton pad after each stroke. Once you’ve finished, cleanse your face and apply your skincare.

Are there any downsides to shaving the face?

As with shaving any other area of the body, nicks and cuts can occur if you’re not careful or not using the right equipment. Face shaving is ideal for most complexions but if you experience any other issues like dryness or irritation following face shaving, it might not be for you.

Will shaving my face make my hairs grow back thicker, darker or longer?

No! This is an absolute myth. Shaving the face will not cause hairs to grow back thicker, darker or longer.

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