Want To Keep Your Gut Happy Come 2023? It’s Time to Talk Fibre

Gut health forms the foundation of good general health, so make this a New Year’s resolution that counts.

Whether your New Year’s resolution involves trying to improve your eating habits or losing a few kg’s, it can be a mind-field trying to figure out where to start. But instead of trying to reach a generic goal, your best bet is to get more specific. And in this case, we’re talking about sorting out your gut.

You’ve probably heard how important fibre is for your body, but when it comes to your gut – it can work wonders. For starters, it helps you feel full for longer, so you can cut down on mindless afternoon snacking (so long, vending machine!), and supports gut health by promoting regularity and preventing GI issues such as constipation.

But fibre comes with tons of other benefits, too. “Dietary fibre is the carbohydrate part of plant foods that our body cannot digest,” explains Nutritionist and Dietician, Bec Gawthorne. “Adequate dietary fibre (which can come from food or can be increased in our diet through supplements) is essential for proper functioning of our gut.”

The downside? Most of us aren’t getting enough fibre.

“Australian women are recommended to eat 25g of dietary fibre per day and men 30g per day. Depending on age, children require 14-22g of dietary fibre daily,” adds Gawthorne. “Unfortunately, most Australians are not meeting these fibre recommendations. In addition to eating a balanced diet with lots of plant foods, natural supplements like Nu-Lax Natural Multi-fibre can help Australians meet their fibre requirements.”

Nu-Lax’s new natural fibre product – Nu-Lax Natural Multi-fibre – is a multi-functional fibre blend with four types of fibre providing similar benefits to whole foods. What this means is the unique blend contains all essential dietary fibre types (soluble, viscous gel forming, prebiotic and insoluble fibres) to help with regularity and healthy bowel function, balance gut microflora and improve overall gut health.

Made with natural ingredients that are well tolerated by sensitive stomachs, it’s the only product that combines all essential dietary fibre types that play a vital role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It’s also certified FODMAP Friendly!

The difference in fibre quality

“There are four types of fibre, each with unique properties that influence how they behave in our gut. Having a mix of fibres is essential for maintaining a thriving digestive system and in turn, optimising our overall health,” explains Bec.

Four different fibre types and the benefits of incorporating them into our diet include:

Soluble fibre “dissolves in water and helps to slow digestion. It’s essential for collecting waste products and eliminating them from the body. Insufficient soluble fibre means toxins get reabsorbed in the intestines and recirculated through the body, which may cause health problems.”

Insoluble fibre “doesn’t dissolve in water and helps to bulk up stool volume, softening our stools and supporting regular bowel movements.”

Viscous gel-forming fibre “helps to keep you feeling full for longer and reduce your appetite. This form of fibre also aids healthy bowel function and regularity by lubricating the bowel.”

Prebiotic fibre “feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut and keeps pathogens in balance so that the “good” bacteria thrive, positively influencing your gut microbiome.”

Nu-Lax Natural Multi-fibre combines all of these essential dietary fibre types to help support optimal health and well-being in a tasty formula that is easy to take. Simply stir it into a large glass of water and enjoy.

Bec’s 5 tips for keeping our gut healthy over the holidays

1: Eat a wide variety of plant-based foods each day to help you meet your fibre needs.

“During the holidays, this could include serving some veggies or salad onto your plate during celebration with friends and family; sharing a fruit platter as a snack or having easy plant-based foods ready to eat like nuts and wholegrain crackers. If you struggle to eat enough plant foods and meet your fibre requirements over the busy holiday period, a natural fibre supplement like Nu-Lax Natural Multi-fibre may benefit.”

2: Make sure prebiotic fibres feature in your daily eating to restore and nourish the gut microbiome.

“These are non-digestible fibres that fuel the healthy bacteria in your gut so it can thrive and function optimally. If you’re experiencing digestive upset such as bloating associated with high FODMAP foods (many of which are prebiotics), a low FODMAP certified supplement such as Nu-Lax Natural Multi-fibre may benefit, along with support of a health practitioner.

3: Slow your eating and chew your food well.

“This is important because if you eat too fast and don’t chew your food well, your body can not digest it properly. Over the holiday period, take time to enjoy your food with your family and friends.”

4: Drink water and stay hydrated.

“Water is essential for helping our body absorb nutrients and soften our stools. Make sure you focus on drinking lots of water over the holidays. Consider swapping some of your soft drinks or alcoholic beverages for water, or at least balance your beverage intake with water.  These can have a negative impact on your gut health.”

5: Move your body and manage stress.

“Exercise helps promote the movement of food through our gut and too much stress can have a negative impact on our gut health. The holiday time can be busy and stressful, so make sure you schedule regular breaks and time out just for yourself in the New Year when things become calmer. Exercise is important to schedule in too, and can be done with the family like going for family walks, bike rides or playing at an oval.”

Find out more about Nu-Lax Natural Multi-fibre here.

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