Watch Kate Upton Crush a Set of Trap Bar Deadlifts

Celebrity trainer Ben Bruno shared a look at her strength training progress.

Personal trainer Ben Bruno has worked with a wide range of celebrity clients, from star athletes like Giancarlo Stanton to comedians like Chelsea Handler. One of Bruno’s longstanding clients is model and actress Kate Upton, and he frequently shares clips of their sessions, showing off the impressive strength gains she has made.

In their most recent workout video on Instagram, Bruno praised the progress Upton has made since they first started training together, recalling how she was reticent at first to lift heavy weights, but is now eager to embrace new strength training challenges.

“[Kate Upton] has come a lonnng way in the gym,” wrote Bruno.

“She used to be very apprehensive to lift heavy weights, but now she’s the one asking me to bump the weight up. Strength training does wonders for the body, and the mind. I love to see the transformation. Here she’s crushing trap bar deadlifts—which might be my favorite overall exercise—as well as staggered stance trap bar deadlifts, which is a variation we do often to bias one leg at a time. If you have a trap bar, give it a try.”

Trap bar deadlifts are a popular version of the classic compound movement: the technique of lifting the weight via handles at your sides rather than holding the bar in front of you takes less adjustment, and can be a good way into the lift for beginners.

“It’s going to be a lot easier and a lot more natural for you to pick up in the trap bar,” says Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S. “You’re going to be able to get explosive with this, use it for power and still move some serious load.”

Just as in any deadlift, it’s important when training with a trap bar to know what stance and position are right for you. Line up your shins with the center of the trap bar, keeping the weight in front of you. At the start of the lift, push your glutes back and bend your knees before approaching the bar and getting a firm grip.

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