WH Exclusive: Kayla Itsines Announces She’s Pregnant With Baby Number Two!

Baby number two is on the way for Mega trainer Kayla Itsines who has announced her pregnancy with partner Jae Woodroffe!

Mega trainer Kayla Itsines has achieve an enormous amount in that past decade. From the co-release of her workout eBook, Bikini Body Guide (BBG) – which kickstarted the growth of an empire – to the re-branding of the program to High Impact with Kayla, the Adelaidean PT-turned-fitness-megastar has experience some record-breaking career moments.

However if you were to ask Kayla what her proudest achievement was so far, without a second of a doubt, she would tell you that it was becoming a parent to now three-year-old Arna.

And now, in news exclusively revealed to Women’s Health Australia, Kayla Itsines has announced that she is pregnant for the second time with partner and personal trainer Jae Woodroffe, due in early 2023!

“Jae and I are so excited to grow our family. Family is such a big part of both of our lives, and I can’t wait to go through this experience with Jae watch him become a dad. Arna is very excited to become a big sister – she’s so smart and caring and I can’t wait for her to have a sibling. I feel really happy and am enjoying this pregnancy as much as I can, and I can’t wait to start sharing my pregnancy journey with the incredible community of women around me,” she explained to Women’s Health.

Fresh after announcing her engagement to Jae only last week, Itsines revealed that her and Woodroffe were incredibly open to each other from the get-go about their wishes to expand the family, and that the moment they found out she was pregnant was ever more incredible than she would have imagined.

“Family is so important to both Jae and I and we have both always wanted a big family. It’s something that we always talked about and we were so happy when we found out! Jae and I both grew up with a sister each, so I’m excited for Arna to have a brother or sister and experience growing up with a sibling – it’s the best (especially when they turn out to be an amazing cook and bring you food),” said Kayla. “We have taken some time to enjoy it and celebrate with Arna and our close family and friends – we cannot wait to start this next chapter together.”

While counting down the months to the arrival of her new family member, Kayla also opened up about how the challenges she faced after delivering daughter Arna Leia via c-section have her feeling about doing it all over again.

‘I remember thinking that the time between 36 weeks pregnant and when I gave birth was going to be the hardest time for my body, but it wasn’t until I actually gave birth and had a c-section that I really understood what hard was,’ she captioned an Instagram post at the time.

After her first pregnancy, Kayla was unable to get out of bed or lift even the smallest item after having the surgery, and was worried she would never regain her strength.

“I think this time knowing what to expect on in some ways is good but on the other hand, knowing birth is one of the hardest things your body will ever go through is quite daunting at the same time. I had a cesarean with Arna, and it’s been recommended to me to have a cesarean for my second pregnancy as well. The recovery from my first caesarean was really tough and I had to take it really easy for several months after, but I now know what to expect so hope there will be less tears and uncertainty this time around,” Itsines explains.

“I am really going to try to take it one day at a time and see how my mind and body feels. You think you know what your postpartum journey is going to be like – but you never know until you’re in it as each pregnancy is different. I feel really fortunate that I am currently feeling really healthy and happy and hope it stays that way (fingers crossed). I am not focusing on my postpartum journey too much right now, but I will of course be working closely with my doctors and will be slowly returning to exercise when I’m ready to help rebuild and regain my strength without putting too much pressure on myself.”

As for what she’s learnt along the way that she will use this time round, Itsines reveals it’s all about not putting too much pressure on herself.

“The first time around, I put so much pressure on myself to do everything perfectly. This time around I am really going to try to relax, enjoy the journey and try not to stress as much. I remember at every new pregnancy milestone with Arna, I was constantly googling what was happening with my body as I was experiencing it for the first time and it was all so new. Given this is my second pregnancy, I have been through it before and I have a better understanding of what to expect at each trimester so it feels far less nerve racking!”

“I cannot wait to meet baby number two, I feel like he or she is going to be a cheeky little one and a real mix between Jae and I. It’s definitely going to be more of a juggle with a three year old toddler running around and a newborn, but I am very grateful to have the support of Jae who will be by my side during it all, as well as our incredible family and support network around us.”

Congrats to Jae and Kayla!

Source @womenshealth.com.au: Read more at : womenalive.org

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