What Exactly Are Interlabial Pads And Why Are They Taking Over TikTok?

Interlabial pads are having a moment on social media and when it comes to the period community, many can’t get over the genius behind the product.

When it comes to period products, most are commonplace these days. Packaging may have changed, as have the materials, but for the most part pads, tampons and cups have existed for as long as most can remember. It takes something particularly innovative to catch our attention in the period department, and though we’ve had the likes of period panties steal most of our attention of late, there’s now a new product on the market that is creating quite a stir. Called the Interlabial pad, the new product has been everywhere on TikTok, with those in the period community raving about the genius invention. 

If you haven’t heard about interlabial pads before, you’re not alone. In a video posted from user @seweco to TikTok, the founder can be seen holding a petal-shaped product up to the camera. She then goes on to explain, “An interlabial pad is something that can help slow down the flow of your period. So some people have really gushy periods, and their pad doesn’t have enough time to absorb all of that blood, and so it can leak onto the wings, or the pad just doesn’t last very long.”

Using the product to demonstrate how it is then able to be folded, the founder shows how you can choose to wear an interlabial pad to help slow the flow of blood from your period. Crucially, it’s important to know that the interlabial pad does not go inside the vagina. As she suggests, “It just sits in between your labia. Basically, when it’s sitting in between your labia, when you have a gush of the flow of blood, then it will catch the majority of it so that your pad has more of a chance to absorb it and also last longer.”

“So, after you have a gush, you can remove this and then continue to wear the pad underneath, so you always use these with a backup pad.”


Interlabial pads come in large, medium and small sizes to accomodate everyone. And while most would tend to use it for daytime purposes, it’s also worth noting that the interlabial pad can be positioned near the bottom when you’re more prone to a heavy flow at night while sleeping. 

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In recent months, TikTok has become a powerful platform for championing women’s stories, particularly when it comes to the period community. Where in the past period have been considered taboo and discussions around them leading to feelings of shame or embarrassment, hashtags like #PeriodTok have drawn these conversations into the spotlight and sought to remove the stigma attached to what is a natural process. Now, the period community on TikTok is providing useful information and insights into how best to go about your daily routine during your monthly cycle, with the interlabial pad just being one example. 

Not surprisingly, many have been quick to voice their enthusiasm for such a product’s existence. One commented, “Love this! Everything you mentioned is super relatable and loved the way you spoke about it all, can’t wait to get one.” Another added, “I’m a specialist women’s health Physio and these are a genius idea!” 

Source @womenshealth.com.au: Read more at : womenalive.org

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