What Your March 2023 Horoscope Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign, Per An Astrologer

To paraphrase Kylie Jenner, when it comes to your horoscope, March is the month of “realising things.” The planets may have been a little slower and kinder in February, but all that goes out the window as we prepare for “the most significant month of the year with huge planetary shifts,” says Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology based in Atlanta.

Vibe-wise, this month is all about aligning with your truest self—whether that be through therapeutic practices, leaving a job or a relationship, or just practicing some TLC, explains Page. There are even more important dates to note than usual, so grab your notebook for this one. 

The big news: Saturn, the planet that deals with karma and your soul’s purpose, moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces on the 7th. This planet shifts once every two and a half years, so the energy is important. This will turn the dial up on your intuition, and really push you to help those less fortunate than yourself. Pisces is a water sign, after all, so this Saturn move will bring up all sorts of feels and bring out your most compassionate self. 

Pluto, the planet of transformation, moved into Capricorn way back in 2007, and is now shifting for the first time since into Aquarius on the 23rd. Because Aquarius is sort of the rebel of the zodiac, this will also propel you forward, taking stock of where your life is going and what changes can make it even more powerful and purposeful. 

As if that wasn’t already enough, Mars, which has been in Gemini since last summer, moves into Cancer on the 25th. So, if there has been a general tension over your communication and plans (Mars is the planet of action), expect that to ease up a bit as this planet moves into gentle, sensitive Cancer. 

And of course, we still have our regular astrological happenings as well. There will be a full moon in Virgo on the 7th, and Aries season officially begins on the 20th. (Hbd, rams!) The new moon in Aries will come on the 21st, really sealing in that exciting, fiery energy. Venus, the planet that rules over love, will move out of fiery Aries and into earth sign Taurus to round out the energy for the month and bring everyone back down to earth. 

Phew! So wondering what all this means for your horoscope? Ahead, Page shares her March 2023 horoscope predictions for each sign:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The beginning of this month is all about restoration for you, as you gear up for your birthday season which begins on the 20th! That doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself in the house, of course, just make sure you are balancing your self care and recharging your social battery with all of the fun plans you already have on the calendar. 

The full moon in Virgo, combined with the shift of Saturn into Pisces, emphasizes your need for balance in all areas of your life. Take time to nourish your relationships, but also focus on your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Whatever that looks like for you—perhaps an extra therapy session, a new yoga class, or a reiki session—make the time for it. Once Aries horoscope season starts on the 20th, followed by the new moon in Aries on the 21st, things really start to click into place for you, and you will be grateful for the self-care you took at the beginning of the month. Happy birthday, Aries!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Metaphorically speaking, if it kinda feels like you’re standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon of your life right now, Taurus, you can thank the planets for that, especially the full moon in Virgo and Saturn moving into Pisces. Big changes are coming, and while it may not be this month, begin to prepare for your life to shift in major ways. 

Before you spiral yourself into a ball on the couch, though, a friendly reminder: Change is good, especially if it brings you closer to your life’s purpose. Take time to look at your life and whether you feel like your work, your relationships, and your behavior are in alignment with what you see for your future self. Little changes—like signing up for a certificate course or taking a new class—stack up quickly and can send you off in a great direction. 

On the 16th, Venus, the sign that rules over pleasure and love, moves into your sign. This will end the month on a sweet note as you prepare for Taurus season!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

This is a big month for you, Gemini. Mars, the planet of action, has been in your sign since last summer, during which time you’ve likely been a bit combative. Mars emphasizes your need to stand up for what you believe in, and use your voice—whether it’s asked for or not. This has been an important phase in your life, but now that the planet is moving out of Gemini into sensitive water sign Cancer, expect your gaze to go inward. You’ve said what you need to say, and now you can take time to focus on your own personal development for a while. 

Also, keep an eye out for the full moon in Virgo on the 7th. It’s in your house of home, family, and the subconscious, while the sun is directly opposite, highlighting your need for recognition and being out in the world. While this may feel a little uncomfy, it’s truly just an invitation to find balance between your outer and inner worlds!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

This month is all about communication for you, Cancer. The full moon in Virgo on the 7th will have talking, emailing, and just overall expressing yourself clearly. At work, this could manifest in learning new skills to share with your colleagues or even leading your coworkers through a new training. Stay open to opportunities for expansion! 

The larger task for you this month, though, is noticing where you are and are not expressing yourself. Do you find yourself swallowing your words around certain people or in certain situations? Take a look at why that is, and see if you can challenge yourself to use your voice more. This energy will intensify as Mars, the planet of action, enters your sign on the 25th. You will feel called to take care of yourself, and protect your energy!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The full moon in Virgo has money on your mind, Leo—particularly, how you can make more of it. Naturally, the first place you’d look is your job. Do you feel like you’re being compensated fairly? Analyze your position and your performance, and see if you might be fit for some salary negotiations this month. 

When the sun goes into Aries on the 20th, it will highlight your desire to grow, especially in an intellectual sense. What can you do to expand your value in the workplace, so you can reach the salary you desire? Do you need more sales training? Or perhaps just a good book to get you fired up about your work? Devote time to figuring this out, and you will begin to see the cash flow in.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Happy full moon month, Virgo! This marks the halfway point in your birthday, making for a perfect time to check in on your goals. You are naturally driven, so it’s likely you’re crushing it in your career, and probably your fitness goals, too. But this month’s full moon asks you to consider caring for yourself the way you do your professional goals. It doesn’t have to be all spreadsheets and sunrise workouts—focus on finding a balance between productivity and rest so you won’t burn out. 

On the 20th, Aries season begins, highlighting your introspective side. You’ll have even more time to consider where you’re at in life, and what changes you may want to make!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

You may feel the urge to book a one-way ticket away from your responsibilities this month, but don’t make any rash decisions, Libra. While March can be a great time to get away, especially around the full moon in Virgo on the 7th, don’t ignore the tasks that keep your life running smoothly. Dreadful as chores are—you do eventually have to put away your laundry and wash the dishes. Instead of letting those responsibilities pile up into an overwhelming mountain, try doing small things every day that will keep you moving forward, step by step. 

One more thing—Mars, the planet of action, in Gemini had you craving new knowledge and practical skills since last summer. When the planet moves into Cancer on the 25th, you will finally start to see all this studying pay off!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The full moon in Virgo starts your month out on a social note, Scorpio. Expect your calendar to be booked up with birthday parties and brunches, galore! This moon also highlights your ability to network, so keep your eyes and ears open as you hit the party circuit this month. New opportunities for friendship and career growth abound! 

Pay attention to what comes your way this month, especially which opportunities light a fire in your belly. Your intuition will be extra strong as the zodiac transitions into Aries season on the 20th, and the new moon in Aries that follows on the 21st. 

When Mars moves from Gemini (where it has been since last summer) into fellow water sign Cancer, there will be a burst of new energy in your friendships and even your love life. Enjoy this time!

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The full moon in Virgo on the 7th brings up your desire to be recognized, Sag. You’ve been hustling at work, and it’s important to feel like that work is appreciated. Your fiery energy aligns well with Aries season, which begins on the 20th, so expect to feel confident and clearer than ever around this time. 

Saturn moves into Pisces this month, highlighting a part of your chart about endings and beginnings. As you enter a new age of Saturn, what can you let go of? What can you lean into more? There is a lot of opportunity for change and growth here. Just make sure you listen to your heart!

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

It’s a big month for you, Capricorn! The full moon on the 7th feels great for you because it lands in fellow earth sign Virgo. This will highlight your desire to learn and travel, which is always exciting. Put in some vacation requests, text the group chat, and start to set up some plans for an upcoming trip. You’ll thank yourself later.

Pluto, which has been in your sign for years, shifts into Aquarius at the end of the month, which will sort of feel like the end of an era for you. Look at the ups and downs you’ve experienced with this planet of transformation in your sign, and thank Pluto as it moves into a different zone!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Pluto, the planet of reinvention, is moving out of Capricorn for the first time in 15 years and right into your sign. To say this is a significant time for you would be an understatement, Aquarius. Things are rapidly shifting, so keep your eye on the prize and continue to evolve. This energy will affect all areas of your life—from professional to romantic. Take stock of your current, well, everything, and see what is no longer serving you. It is prime time to make a change! 

When the sun enters Aries on the 20th, your reinvention energy will only become clearer, and so will the steps necessary to get there. Don’t jump into anything too quickly, though. The idea of starting new is exciting, but you’ll feel better if you do your research first.


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces, get ready for a major energy upgrade as Saturn moves from Aquarius into your sign, where it will stay for the next two and a half years. What does that mean exactly? Well, think of this as sort of an astrological jet pack, propelling you even faster to your goals. Whether you want to switch careers, write a book, fall in love, or simply nail a new morning routine—the Saturn energy of change is strong and ready for you—no matter what direction you decide to head in.

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