Why Mushrooms Are Beauty’s Biggest New Skincare Ingredient Trend

Found: Your secret weapon for flawless, glowing skin.

Feel like you’ve been seeing stacks of new skincare featuring mushrooms lately? You’re not imagining things – mushrooms are the buzzy new ingredient trend sweeping the beauty world.

Mushrooms – the skin saviour du jour – have been considered a major player in traditional Chinese medicine for basically ever, due to their anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants.

And now, thanks to increasing consumer demand for natural ingredients and continued research finding that mushrooms can offer preventive and healing benefits across a wide variety of skin concerns, they’re dominating skincare store shelves and social feeds, fighting for the coveted open spot in our multi-step routines.

Sceptical? Try some skincare spiked with ‘shrooms, and you’ll soon understand the hype.

Magic indeed.

If you’re keen to try the mushroom-infused skincare trend, we’ve got you. Below, you’ll find all the best mushroom-powered beauty products to stock up on now.

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