Your First Look At ‘She Said’ Is Here: Detailing The Investigations Around Harvey Weinstein 

Starring Carey Mulligan, the film tells of the investigations that took place around Harvey Weinstein, shedding light on an important story for the #MeToo movement.

In October of 2017, the New York Times journalists Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey published substantial allegations of sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein, the heavyweight Hollywood titan who could seemingly create or destroy a career as he saw fit. Wielding such substantive power, it became clear that Weinstein was a man who also abused it and as more women came forward, the extent of such scandal became clear. At the time of publication, actresses Rose McGown and Ashley Judd were the first to come forward, paving the way for countless others to later share their stories of how Weinsten forced himself on them sexually, or demanded women massage him and watch him naked, promising to help advance their careers in return for sexual favours. 

In the years that have elapsed since the story first broke, a staggering number of women have detailed their harrowing experiences with Weinstein, while others have been encouraged to speak out about their own experiences whereby men in positions of power abused such status. Not surprisingly, the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein came to be an important story for the #MeToo movement. Now, these events will be turned into a movie called She Said, with a trailer about the investigation surrounding the now disgraced movie mogul having just dropped. 

Starring Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan who will play Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor respectively, the film will tell the story of how the reporters investigated the allegations made about Weinstein so they could be brought to public attention, with the women seeing the justice they deserved. It’s thanks to their tireless work that Weinstein came to be sentenced to 23 years in prison, while women felt comfortable enough with Twohey and Kantor to share their stories of abuse. 

Already, the film is creating quite a buzz, having tied Emmy winner Maria Schrader to the project as director. British playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz has written the script which is fitting for a film about two powerful storytellers and the women who were at the helm of such a story. Brooklyn Nine Nine actor Andrew Braugher will also join the cast as New York Times editor, Dean Baquet, who oversaw the investigation. Meanwhile, actress Patricia Clarkson will also be another member of the journalist team as Rebecca Corbett, the New York Times’ investigations department editor. 

The film will be released on 18 November in the US. Though no date has been set for an Australian release as of yet, we predict it will fall around that time, too. While we count down the days until its release, you can watch the first trailer for She Said below. 

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