Your First Look At The Second Season Of ‘And Just Like That’ Has Arrived

When news broke that a Sex and the City sequel would see our favourite friends return to the small screen, most could barely contain their excitement. It had been 17 years since we bid farewell to Carrie and the girls, and while the Sex and the City movies certainly attempted to fill the void, a 90-minute visual feast was little to appease audiences around the world who had come to see Carrie as something of a best friend themselves. For so many of us, Sex and the City wasn’t just a formative viewing experience, but also a show that provided a sense of community. These were friends we saw reflected in ourselves, whose dating blunders allowed us to laugh at our own and continue to hold out hope that true love might just exist, that it might just be waiting for us around the corner. 

All of this is to say we were very much onboard with the sequel And Just Like That, but of course: where there is a sequel, there is an original series with significant shoes to fill and high expectations.  Not surprisingly, many were quick to blast the sequel. Granted, it has its faults, namely the fact it seems the writers don’t quite know how to write for older women. Rather than just present the reality of Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda in their lives today, the series instead reads like a check-list of ailments they can hit viewers over the head with to make the point that yes, they’ve aged! They’re now what you consider old!

But even for those who loved to trash talk the show, there were just as many who loved it, and even the former couldn’t steer their eyes away from the screen. Let’s face it, And Just Like That was the welcome escape we all needed – from lockdown, the monotony of our lives in isolation, from a never-ending news cycle of rising case numbers and new restrictions.

Despite ongoing speculation and rumours surrounding the show, it’s now been confirmed that it will return for a second series. Showrunner Michael Patrick King said in a statement, “I am delighted and excited to tell more stories about these vibrant, bold characters – played by these powerful, amazing actors. The fact is, we’re all thrilled. And Just like That…our Sex life is back.”

HBO Max’s head of original content, Sarah Aubrey, added: “We have been delighted by the cultural conversation generated by these characters and their stories, set in a world we already know and love so much. We are proud of the work Michael Patrick King and our wonderful writers, producers, cast and crew have done to bring these stories to the screen. We can’t wait for fans to see what’s in store for season two.”

It certainly makes for an interesting prospect and given some of the plot lines we witnessed in season one, we can only wonder if we might see them in greater detail and clarity in a second series. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about the second season of And Just Like That

Sex and the City: HBO

Will there be a season 2?

Yes! Sarah Jessica Parker told Variety: “Definitely, yeah. Michael and I spoke two weeks ago, and said: ‘OK, when are we going to talk about this? Because there’s a calendar and you don’t want to let too much time pass. [It] feels like there’s momentum.”

Will the original cast of And Just Like That all be returning?

While a second season of And Just Like That has been confirmed, it remains to be seen whether our favourite stars reprise their roles. After the sexual assault allegations were brought against Chris Noth just after the show began to air, Noth’s cameo as Mr Big was cut out of the series finale. While fans are now aware that he died in the first season, it looks likely that we won’t see much of him in the future – even in flashback form. 

The show has taken on a number of changes since the first season of Sex and the City aired on screens, drawing audiences into its global fanbase. It’s now more progressive with a far more diverse cast, and also includes characters within the LGBTQ+ space. 

While some have questioned just how seamlessly these storylines have integrated into the show, most have been quick to support these new characters. Still, reactions have been mixed, with some labelling the reboot “cringe” when it comes to attempts to be woke, while others finding themselves impressed with the new direction the show has taken. Perhaps writers are wanting to prove they can do better. According to a source who spoke to Page Six, “They may feel that they want to prove a point that they can make a second season stronger and that it was valid to bring it back to fans.”

How do the cast feel about returning to And Just Like That?

According to HBO, it would be up to Sarah Jessica Parker and co-executive producer Michael Patrick King whether the show returns. As the HBO rep explained to Vulture, “They kind of came together to do this. They were all really busy and doing other things. So it is certainly a conversation we’ll have, for sure. But we haven’t decided anything or done anything.”

They added, “I’m going to leave it up to these guys to figure out what they want to do, but I’m very happy with what they’ve done. It really does feel like you’re picking up with old friends and haven’t missed a beat.”

So far, Parker and Kristin Davis have yet to speak publicly about the second season, however Cynthia Nixon – who plays the beloved Miranda – has said that her return to the show would depend on whether the writers can take us any further. “Even though I’m an executive producer and I got to direct an episode, I am not a writer,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “And so, that is one of the great privileges of being a writer, that it’s not my job to figure it out, thank God.”

Sarita Choudhury, who plays Carrie’s estate agent and new friend, Seema Patel, said that she was hopeful for a second season as it would give audiences the opportunity to get to know the newer characters better. “I was thinking, God, I hope there is [another season]. And also, I was thinking, you know when you bring in new characters and you just start establishing and everyone’s getting used to all of us having grown up, Carrie’s grown up,” she told Entertainment Tonight. 

“I feel like the second [season] would be able to just jump into who they really are as opposed to getting the audience used to seeing what they’re seeing. So I would love a second season, but I really don’t know.”

When will filming commence?

Courtesy of Sarah Jessica Parker, fans are getting their first glimpse of the second season with Parker posting snaps to her social media, alongside the caption: “First exterior. Streets of NY. X, SJ.”

The picture not only suggests that filming has commenced on the project, but it also provides a glimpse into Parker’s trailer where a costumer can be seen adjusting the hem of her jumpsuit which is worn over socks and heels – very fitting of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic style. 

Fashion has long been the centrepiece of Sex and the City, and all eyes were on the looks sported by the cast in And Just Like That. But central to the show’s themes of being more relevant to today’s wider socio-political concerns and reflecting greater diversity, it also endeavoured to be more eco-conscious when it came to styling, too. This jumpsuit in particular was purchased off eBay and refurbished by sustainable fashion activist Kate McGuire of @convertedcloset. Not only is it a head-turning look for Parker’s character, but it also shows that the show is striving to be sustainable in its fashion choices, too. 

It might be some time before the second season lands on screens, but in the meantime you can binge-watch the first season on Binge here in Australia.

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