Your November 2022 Sex Horoscope Is Here, And You Just Might Meet ‘The One’ This Month

It’s Scorpio season, lovers. So, there’s no time like the present to spice up your love life. After all, if there’s anything to know about this water sign, it’s that they’re the master of passion, deep conversations, and, well, sex. So buckle up, because things are about to get hot.

November starts with a bang courtesy of the lunar eclipse on the 8th. Not to mention, there’s a full moon in Taurus the same day, which will only make the ~energy~ even more intense. Expect intense and deep connections and heartfelt conversations, says Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a degree in counseling psychology.

“The lunar eclipse is big because it’s connected to Uranus, which wants sudden change, and the planet Saturn, which is trying to hold onto the past and be a bit cautious,” Page explains. In our relationships, it’s a time to get serious about what’s working and what’s not.

Also, this month: Venus, the planet that rules our love lives, is in Scorpio. When this happens, “there is a desire to merge with someone else, and get that true intensity,” says Page. 

Later, on the 16th, Venus moves into fun-loving Sagittarius just in time for the new moon in Sag on the 22nd. And Sagittarius season starts on the 23rd, so you can expect things to be pretty fiery! Generally speaking, this is a great time to travel and explore with your lover, says Page. 

What does this all mean for your zodiac sign, specifically? Page breaks down her November 2022 sex horoscope predictions below:

Aries (march 21–april 19)

Single: Sagittarius season is coming, and it’s about to set your love life on fire, Aries, but in a good way. (You are a fire sign, after all.) When it comes to your November 2022 sex horoscope, the sun and Venus, the planet of all things love, are moving into fellow fire sign Sagittarius this month, and Sag energy is all about traveling, pushing boundaries, and expanding your life. Is there any better way to meet someone new than trying out new things? I think not! 

In a relationship: With Venus entering Sagittarius this month, you are in for some fun! Try to embrace the adventurous energy in the air and book a spontaneous getaway with your boo. It’ll make you closer, and let’s be honest: You and your S.O. could always use a little extra one-on-one time. If you’re feeling extra spicy, splurge on a sexy board game. Communication is key, especially in the bedroom.

Taurus (april 20–may 20)

Single: Venus, which is your ruling planet, moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius this month, and you may be feeling it in your love life. Scorpio reflects a very mysterious and sensual energy, while Sag is all about adventure and expansion. The same is true of your love life, Taurus. At the beginning of the month, you may be seeing someone (or a few someones), but by the end of the month, you’re going to want to explore. Make sure you take time for self-reflection, though: To become a better partner or even just a better person, it’s important to look inwards and take responsibility for your actions.

In a relationship: This month is an analytical one for you, Taurus, and that is definitely showing up in your love life. Take the time to reflect on (and perhaps even journal about) your relationship. Are you happy with your current status? Or do you feel like this relationship isn’t deep enough, or has run its course? At the end of the month, you will have clarity about what you need from your partner.

Gemini (may 21–june 20)

Single: The second half of the month will be big for you, Gemini, because it seems like you’re catching everyone’s attention this November 2022 sex horoscope. In the words of Taylor Swift, when you walk in the room, you can still make the whole place shimmer. You may not be interested in all of these suitors, but keep your eyes peeled, just in case. The new moon, and infusion of Sagittarius energy on the 23rd, make you shine even brighter. Enjoy it! 

In a relationship: Relationships can be work, Gemini, and these last few months have you burnt out. Luckily, November will bring some much-needed play and lightness to your partnership(s). Instead of running through your to-do list constantly, you’ll feel some more flexibility with your partner. Check out that new bar with the smoky cocktails you saw on Instagram, or visit that new pop-up museum across town. Novelty is good!

Cancer (june 21–july 22)

Single: This is a great time for you to meet the new apple of your eye, Cancer. Venus, the planet that rules over love, is in Scorpio, so you may feel a little spicier than usual. Keep an eye out on your Trader Joe’s runs and walks around the neighborhood. Your new love may be closer than you think! 

In a relationship: Venus is in fellow water sign Scorpio for most of this month so you will have sweet energy in your relationship. Score! So, plan a fun date with your partner. Whether it’s doing something adventurous like trapeze lessons or just trying a new restaurant, it’s important to carve out some bonding time this month.

Leo (july 23–august 22)

Single: You may spend the beginning of the month reflecting and spending some time alone, but by the 23rd, the sun, Venus, and Mercury will all be in fire signs, so you’ll feel more fired up than ever. Get out of the house and to the nearest hangout, because you are the life party right now—and it’s quite possible you’ll meet someone that catches your eye, Leo! 

In a relationship: With so many planets in fire signs at the end of the month, you will be feeling joyful and, most importantly, comfortable. So, spend some alone time with bae. It’s time for a good old-fashioned Netflix and chill kinda night, so break out your cutest pajamas, grab some snacks, and cuddle up on the couch!

Virgo (august 23–september 22)

Single: You may find yourself a little more inquisitive than usual this month, Virgo. Venus, the planet that reigns over love, is in Scorpio this month, which is highlighting your communication style. This means deep conversations, even with your situationships. It’s good to get to know the people that are around you; intimacy is powerful, even if it’s not within the confines of a traditional, committed romantic relationship. 

In a relationship: You and your partner seem to be having deep chat after deep chat this month. What’s that about? Well, Venus is in the passionate water sign Scorpio, and it’s landing right in your house of communication. This is a great time to get to know your person deeper and perhaps even take things to the next level—whatever that looks like for you!

Libra (september 23–october 22)

Single: Between Scorpio season and the lunar eclipse on the 8th, this month is really making you feel like getting it on, Marvin Gaye-style. The sensual energy is strong as the eclipse lands right in your house of death, sex, and money. So, what does that mean for you,  Libra? Things in the romance realm are just going to flow a bit easier. Your Hinge matches might not be as treacherous as usual… in fact, maybe some of them are even kind of charming? Enjoy this energy while it lasts! 

In a relationship: With Scorpio season in full swing and the full lunar eclipse landing right in your house of sex and money, things are probably feeling a bit tense for you, Libra. Finances are really being highlighted now, and you might as well lay it all out on the table with your S.O. Take a look at who is paying for what, and ensure you find equilibrium.

Scorpio (october 23–november 21)

Single: With the lunar eclipse highlighting your house of relationships, you may receive some real clarity on what and who you are looking for, Scorpio. When Venus moves into Sagittarius, you may start feeling like keeping things a little closer to the chest, which is more than okay—encouraged, even! When the right person comes into your life, you will definitely know it. And with the new moon and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, landing in your house of romance, who knows? That might even happen sooner than expected. 

In a relationship: The lunar eclipse is shining a big spotlight on your relationship. If you are in a positive partnership where you feel supported and seen, this will be a great feeling! If you are questioning your connection, however, it’ll be a different story. With the swift Uranian energy in the air, this may be just the push you need to leave a relationship that is not serving you. Take a good look at who you are with and where you are going. It is an important time to do so, and the Universe is on your side.

Sagittarius (november 22–december 21)

Single: Happy (almost) birthday, Sag! With your season on the horizon and a new moon in Sagittarius on the 22nd, you’re feeling a sweet energy. Unexpected things and people are coming your way for your November 2022 sex horoscope. Pay close attention to who you are drawn to right now—it’s possible you have a connection worth exploring. 

In a relationship: If you are in an LTR, don’t be afraid to lean into your fiery nature, Sag. You can call the shots, pick the restaurant, the movie, or even your vacation spot. With Mars, the planet of action, in your opposite sign of Gemini, it’s unlikely you’ll get much resistance. And your birthday is coming up, so you have that on your side, too!

Capricorn (december 22–january 19)

Single: The lunar eclipse in your house of romance will have you attracting people to you like bees to a flower, Capricorn. All of a sudden, it seems like all of your friends want to set you up with someone they just love. If you are looking for a relationship, this is great! Test the waters and see who is out there; you could have a lot of fun. 

In a relationship: Venus, the planet that rules over love, moves into fun-loving Sagittarius this month, which will bring some much-needed play into your life! Go out and hit that laser tag spot in town, or book an adventurous vacation with your person. It’s important to shake things up in any relationship, and the stars are aligning in your favor right now, Cap.

Aquarius (january 20–february 18)

Single: For the first part of your November 2022 sex horoscope, Venus, the planet reigning over love, will highlight how you are seen in the world. So, if you’re an Aquarius hoping to find a connection (their Lobster, if you will), you have to get out there and be seen! Plan a GNO at your local karaoke bar or winery in town. When you’re out in the world having fun and showing your true personality, you never know who you can meet. 

In a relationship: If you are in a relationship this month, don’t hesitate to take some space. It’s healthy! With the lunar eclipse highlighting your house of friendship, you’re really feeling the urge to be with your BFFs right now. And while your S.O. may fall into best friend territory, there is nothing quite like catching up with an old friend. Take the time to go to that birthday party or ski trip solo. It’s possible your partner is craving the same thing anyway, with all of this expansive Jupiter energy in the air.


Pisces (february 19–march 20)

Single: With the lunar eclipse highlighting communication, you may feel more sociable than ever, Pisces. Lean into this and spark up some convos, whether at the water cooler or the coffee shop. You never know who could be just waiting for you to say hello! 

In a relationship: Communication is key in any relationship, and with the full moon eclipse highlighting your house of communication, it’s time to have some tough conversations. The holidays are coming up, which can be a little bit stressful, to say the least. So, clear up any lingering issues within your relationship—you and your partner will only come out stronger.

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